Front Sight Mail Bag: Quality and Value of Instruction

Dear Dr. Piazza,

The quality and value of instruction was professional in every way.  With heavy emphasis on safety, education and practice the course progressed smoothly and logically. It is worth noting that several women attending began with fear of pistols, no knowledge or experience, and 4 days later were competent in presentation and marksmanship.

Don S…

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Front Sight Mail Bag: The Place to Go

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I would tell anyone who wanted expert training in an outstanding atmosphere that Front Sight was the place to go.  If a student needs extra help, you don’t even have to ask for it.  You get it!  The food was outstanding as well.  More than a little old lady could eat, mind you, but so convenient!  It …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: By Far the Best Firearms Training

Dear Dr. Piazza,

Wow! This is by far the best firearms training one could participate in. I came away from the class with an enhanced skill set and confidence level. The instructors and staff are professional, respectful, knowledgeable, patient and encouraging with the goal of equipping the student with the skills and knowledge to safely operate their firearm. The daily …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Never Felt Competent with Guns…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

Front Sight provides an incredible experience! I was never afraid of guns in particular, but I certainly never felt confident or competent with them. Now, after just one 4-day defensive handgun course, I feel completely at ease knowing I can handle a handgun safely and successfully. I owe this to the professional, knowledgeable, friendly staff at Front …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Can I Benefit from Gun Training?

Dear Dr. Piazza,

Anyone who has a firearm would benefit from the Front sight experience, whether new to handling their weapon or not. The emphasis on safety is great, and the tactical training is applicable to many situations, even if you are not armed. I can’t wait to return and was sad that the 4 days were over. I came …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Unique Student Experience

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I recently attended a 2 day handgun with my wife. What made this experience unique is that my wife is disabled. Her left arm is paralyzed and her left leg has limited mobility. Before the class she was terrified of even holding her new weapon. By the end of day one she was comfortable and we had to …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Built Up Her Confidence…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

Before we left for the course some friends asked my wife why she agreed to go. She said she was only going to be with me and had no interest in learning about guns.  Although it was completely foreign to her, she learned far more than she expected and actually enjoyed herself.  The instructors were all so …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Prior Military

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I’m prior military; I’ve been a police officer for more than two decades and an enthusiastic shooter for most of my life. Front Sight has given me the skills to increase my shooting ability far beyond the training I received from either the military or the police academy. What truly amazes me every time I come out …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Completely Out of my Comfort Zone

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I hesitantly agreed to take the 4 Day Defensive Handgun Course with my husband. It was completely out of my comfort zone! I was worried those 4 days would be too much, that I would accidentally harm someone or that I would be bored. Boy was I wrong.  I felt completely safe 100% of the time. The program …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Bringing the Kids Next Time…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

It had been years since my husband and I had taken a vacation without our kids so we talked about where we did and did not want to go.  We decided on shooting school and my husband began talking to some friends about their experience at Front Sight.  I had no idea what to expect and I …

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