Front Sight Mail Bag: They All Say the Same Thing!

Dear Dr. Piazza,

It is the greatest way to learn how to handle a handgun. You may think to already know, but until you’ve been through a 4-day class, you never realize how much you didn’t know. I’ve been in classes with SWAT team members, military, police and they all say the same

Thing; Front Sight training is better than they get in their jobs. I’ve …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Give all the staff a TEN rating!

Dear Dr. Piazza,

First I’d like to let you know that I was quite impressed by your establishment. I had no idea that so many loyal, good Americans would be at this sort of activity. It does my heart good to know this is happening. As for the Professionalism & Friendliness of your staff, I give them all a ’10’ …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Just What Was Needed.

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I was always interested in attending Front Sight. But, I had this image that it was either training for frustrated paramilitary enthusiasts or additional training/techniques for existing handgun owners.  Neither was correct. This was a very professional course that got me comfortable with a handgun and made me confident that I could not only handle the weapon …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Attention to Detail…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I took the 4-Day Defensive Handgun class and if I had to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give it a 12. Why? Because the class not only met my needs and expectations, but it far exceeded both! The instructors were very informative, funny, attentive to detail and safety, and accommodating for all skill levels, …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Attending First Ever Competition…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I got home on Friday to Tulare, Calif.  On Saturday I attended my 2nd ever Pistol Competition (after some great training at Front Sight). The first competition was 5 weeks ago (before Front Sight). I placed 24th in a group of 29 at the 1st one.  At last Saturdays’ competition, after Front Sight training, I placed 1st …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Some Great Laughs…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

Front Sight was a fun and safe learning experience for my dad and me. We had some great laughs and learned a ton together. Despite my dad’s years of experience and my own familiarity with firearms, we both came away with amazing improvement. The curriculum was fun and helped bring novice shooters up to safe standards, allowing …

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Front Sight Blog: Order Your Front Sight Logo Wear for Holiday Gift Giving NOW…

Grab your Front Sight Logo Wear NOW for holiday gift giving! See Front Sight’s online logo’d merchandise store with exclusive products in stock and ready to ship!

As a Front Sight Gun Training Report Subscriber, I am giving you a shot at specially created Front Sight logo’d merchandise that is made exclusively for our NEW online store and cannot …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Only Gone to a Range Once…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

It was a great experience for someone who knows guns are good tools, but has never loved guns and had only gone to a range once! The experience was totally different than what I thought “training” would be.  I thought it would be going to a shooting range and learning to aim, and “practicing” hitting the center …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Much Nicer Than Expected…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I went to Front Sight with my two sons.  Each of us purchased Diamond memberships.  The experience was terrific!  Your facility was much nicer than I expected and the training was great.  The lead instructor and the three Line Coaches exemplified professionalism at all times. We are all looking forward to returning to Front sight for the …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Needed to Refresh my Memory

Dear Dr. Piazza,

If you want top-notch training in handling firearms, Front Sight is the place for you.  As a recreational shooter, I enjoyed firearms, but I always needed my husband or my children who are all Front Sight trained to refresh my memory on how to load the weapon, etc.  After my 4-day course at Front Sight, I am …

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