Another nail in the Gun Grabber’s Propaganda Coffin…

July 16th, 2015  

Here is another great research article by my good friend Dr. John Lott that pounds another nail in the coffin of the Gun Grabber’s propaganda machine.

Concealed Carry Permits are soaring and violent crime is plummeting! Just like we have always said it would, thus scientifically proving that by allowing responsible citizens to have a concealed weapons permits, we shift the balance of power on the streets to the good guys and THAT reduces violent crime.

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Keep up the great work! Together, we are positively changing the image of gun ownership hundreds of times faster than any other group in America!

Here is my good friend Dr. John Lott’s most recent article that once again scientifically exposes the lies of gun control. Spread this e-mail to all on your lists and ask them to do the same. Spread the truth!

July 16, 2015 · John R Lott

New Study: Over 12.8 million concealed handgun permits, last year saw by far the largest increase ever in the number of permits

The new report is available here. Part of the executive summary is shown here:

Since President Obama’s election the number of concealed handgun permits has soared, growing from 4.6 million in 2007 to over 12.8 million this year. Among the findings in our report:

  • The number of concealed handgun permits is increasing at an ever- increasing rate. Over the past year, 1.7 million additional new permits have been issued – a 15.4% increase in just one single year. This is the largest ever single-year increase in the number of concealed handgun permits.
  • 5.2% of the total adult population has a permit.
  • Five states now have more than 10% of their adult population withconcealed handgun permits.
  • In ten states, a permit is no longer required to carry in all or virtually all ofthe state. This is a major reason why legal carrying handguns is growing somuch faster than the number of permits.
  • Since 2007, permits for women has increased by 270% and for men by 156%. Over that period, there was a 178% increase in total permits.
  • Some evidence suggests that permit holding by minorities is increasing more than twice as fast as for whites

Map for 2015 Report

Murder rate and permits graph

Graphing Permits and murder changes


Illinois — 103,000 March 2015 to 119,337 June 6, 2015

Total in report 12,802,740, updated 12,819,077

Keep up the great work! Together, we are positively changing the image of gun ownership hundreds of times faster than any other group in America!

Thanks again for your participation in Front Sight’s phenomenal success.


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