Front Sight Mail Bag: You are Going to Learn So Much…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I don’t care how long you’ve been shooting; you are going to learn so much from attending a course at Front Sight. They may use different techniques than you’re used to, but when you practice them, I’m sure you’ll find they work as well, if not better than everything you already know.

Peter W…

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Front Sight Blog: (video) Entire armed family ends burglar’s career. Good lessons here…

I have a news video to share with you that provides several good, real-life lessons. Watch the video and then see my comments that follow…

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Front Sight Blog: Where was the gun in this violent rampage?

What are Obama, Feinstein, and Bloomberg going to ban to stop this type of violent mass assault from ever happening again?



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Front Sight Mail Bag: Confident in Abilities Now

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I’ve owned firearms my entire life, but became truly comfortable with the weapons and confident in my abilities after attending Front Sight training. There’s no substitute for immersion over the course of a few days. I carry daily and enjoy knowing that I am prepared mentally and am proficient enough to be an asset in any situation. …

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Front Sight Blog: (video) and Letter from Ft. Hood Survivor, Proves Military is Out of Touch With Reality

My name is First Lieutenant Patrick Cook of the 49th Transportation Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas, and this past Wednesday I found myself trapped in an enclosed room with fourteen of my fellow Soldiers, one of whom was barricading the door against a madman with a .45 pistol when he was fatally shot.

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Above and Beyond My Expectations…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

“The experience I had at Front Sight was above and beyond my expectations. I learned so much over the course of four days, it surprised me. Their attention to detail and SAFETY is unsurpassed. I would recommend this facility to anyone with any interest in learning about firearms and the practical applications of them. Your skills will …

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Front Sight Blog: (video) Military is Unknowingly Creating PTSD and Mass Shootings

Anytime you want to stop a trend or even reverse it, go back to a time when you did not have the problem and determine what has changed.

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Front Sight Blog: Concealed Carry Drops Chicago Murder Rate and Call to Arm Military Personnel on Bases Being Heard!

Here is the truth that the Gun Grabbers in Chicago who have kept Chicago residents helpless victims for so long, and the Gun Grabbers in our government who have done the same to military personnel on military bases, want to hide…

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Finally Understand Friends Enthusiasm for Front Sight

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I had spoken to several of my friends who had attended classes at Front Sight prior to my class to get some idea of what to expect.  All they could do is rave about how good the training was that they had received and how that they could not wait to go back.  Now that I have …

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Front Sight Blog: (video) Army Issues Psych Drugs But Not Gun Permits

Here is a video that exposes the insanity of our government. Watch this video and then see my pointed commentary that follows…

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