Front Sight Mail Bag: Acquire the Standards Gun Ownership Requires

Dear Dr. Piazza

I highly recommend Front Sight to any gun owner if you want to acquire the knowledge and standard of safety that gun ownership requires. I recommend you bring your kids to the kids program as it is very educational and entertaining for them. If you have guns in your house and you’re worried about your kids, being …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Kicking and Screaming…

Dear Dr. Piazza,
We have been going to Front Sight since Oct 2009 when my husband dragged me, kicking and screaming, to a 4-day defensive handgun class. In the beginning of that class, I was totally overwhelmed and wondered if my husband had lost his mind to think that I could ever become proficient with such a weapon. Your staff …

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Front Sight Blog: The Hard Truth magazine gets it right about Guns and the Wrong Target…

It is nice to see a (non-gun) magazine get it right about guns.

Check out this article in The Hard Truth magazine…

And do your part by forwarding this e-mail to help spread the truth!

Give gun owners the ammunition needed to squash the gun grabbers’ lies and their anti-gun propaganda.

And here is a great way to get …

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Front Sight Blog: Help my friend John Lott expose the gun-grabbing liars…

My good friend, John Lott is has written a couple of excellent articles that shine the harsh light of truth on the gun grabbers and exposes two of the biggest liars in our government… Obama and Bloomberg.

The reason these two gun grabbers lie every time they move their lips is because the truth is not on their side.

Do …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Like a Family…

Dear Dr. Piazza,

Front Sight is a great place for family to come and train.  All ages are welcome and even individuals fearful of weapons will lose their fear if they take a course at Front Sight.  Insecure?  Front Sight staff from anywhere on the facility will ease your insecurities and fears.  Front Sight is like a family helping people of all …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: The Most Knowledgeable Instructor I Have Ever Had

Dear Dr. Piazza,

The Range Master was the most knowledgeable shotgun instructor I’ve had. I have never been able to correctly shoot or control my shotgun until this course. The specific instruction I received stance, sight alignment forward lean, and the proper way to hold the shotgun helped me to advance to a higher level.

Nelson M…

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Great Training, Even for the Novice

Dear Dr. Piazza,

Front Sight offers a great training course for even the novice or beginner. I had shot a hand gun less than 10 times in my 53 years and any kind of weapon probably less than 20 times. I came away from Front Sight feeling comfortable with my 9mm handgun and ready to think about doing concealed carry. …

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(video) Why Cops? Front Sight Student of the Week

Want to know WHY Front Sight is the finest firearms training experience in the world?

Want to know WHY we train thousands of students each week?

Want to know why even Cops and Law Enforcement trainers train at Front Sight?

Watch this video and understand we want every American… FRONT SIGHT trained!

We want every American… Front Sight trained!

For …

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Prepare for Self-Defense

Dear Dr. Piazza,

All Americans should be prepared for their own self-defense and further to defend American freedoms.  Front Sight courses will teach you the skills necessary to use the weapon of your choice safely and effectively.

Jim M


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Front Sight Mail Bag: Do You Love or Fear Guns?

Dear Dr. Piazza,

Whether you love guns or fear them, Front Sight is a must! Regardless of one’s opinion on guns, everyone should be knowledgeable about gun safety and responsible gun handling, even if they don’t own one, because it is always possible we may encounter them accidentally. Front Sight makes learning about and using guns incredibly safe, and it …

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