Front Sight Mailbag:

Dear Dr. Piazza, Thank you once again for that Front Sight Experience, I give this one a 10, the instructors did an amazing job teaching the curriculum they showed great patience with everybody and were able to bring out the best in everyone and because of this I was finally able to DG the course. […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Incredible Experience

Dear Dr. Piazza, It was an incredible experience the instructors really help take you to the next level from where ever you start and it is really fun. Honestly I felt like it was a better reset for me than a vacation because I was so focused on training for four days that my brain […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: The Star of the Whole Class…

Dear Dr. Piazza, The class was awesome and all the Front Employees did an outstanding job and I’d also like to recognize the maintenance staff that made sure we had ice water. But the star of the whole class was the range master. He was always upbeat; he made you want to be there from […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: First Time Gun Training

Dear Dr. Piazza, It was my first time, so I don’t have anything to compare it to…..yet! The range master was VERY GOOD at paying attention to ALL of us and coaching ALL of us…..which couldn’t have been easy to do because we had a 50 year old guy with 25 years military experience, a […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Apprehensive about Firearms

Dear Dr. Piazza, Our trip to Front Sight was an amazing success. My wife had never fired a handgun before this trip. She was always apprehensive about having firearms in our home. Needless to say she has made a complete 180 on that thought process. I am so grateful to Front Sight and to our […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Best Firearms Course Ever

Dear Dr. Piazza, This was the best course I’ve taken at Front Sight (and I’ve taken a lot of courses over 20 yrs). Not the most pleasant of course, but that’s by design and as a Front Sight student I am thankful for the high standards and this course enhanced my respect for all those […]

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HISTORIC ELECTION DAY TODAY is the most important election of our lives. If you have not already voted for Donald Trump, THEN MAKE SURE YOU VOTE FOR TRUMP TODAY. YOUR TRUMP VOTE DOES COUNT. YOUR VOTE IS NEEDED AND WANTED! From the emails I have sent you, I know that you know, what is at […]

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Do you listen to Dr. Sebastian Gorka on the radio? Watch him train at Front Sight and share a few words with you…

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, nationally syndicated, conservative radio talk show icon recently attended a gun training course at Front Sight. He would like to tell you about his experience. Listen to what Dr. Gorka has to say about his experience, gun training in general, and the important role you play in keeping America strong and free. […]

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Two of my new, good friends explain (video) your new gun taxes if Gun Grabbing Joe Biden is elected…

For decades, the anti-gunners tried to con voters into believing that they were not interested in confiscating guns. They just wanted reasonable control on “military style assault rifles.” Well their position has changed. No longer are they trying to hide their REAL agenda of gun confiscation. Joe Biden has made his position on GUN CONFISCATION […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Fantastic Gun Training As Usual

Dear Dr. Piazza, The course was fantastic as usual. The instructors provided some great tips that allowed me to make a few small changes that improved my shooting. They were exceptional with my other family members as well, especially the ones who had never shot a gun before. We love coming to front sight. It […]

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