With 25 New Ranges nearing completion Front Sight just hired 3 instructors and is looking for 100 more!

2017 is turning out to be another amazing year for Front Sight. We just keep getting bigger, stronger, and more successful. Here’s one of the brand new videos we just placed on Front Sight TV to give you an update on the construction that is now in full swing at Front Sight. Watch it and […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Fantastic Training

Dear Dr. Piazza, Front Sight does a great job; fantastic training.  Staff is top-notch.  Better than anything I received in the military.  I have also received some advanced training with other government, non-publicized programs and Front Sight is an excellent complement to that training.  I tell many people I run in to about the training […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Helpful and Encouraging Gun Instruction

Dear Dr. Piazza, The entire 4 person team was outstanding. I felt safe. The instruction was clear and effective. The pace was fast but manageable. Each of the instructors, at different times during the course, gave me and my wife the exact direct instruction we needed to learn a technique. They were helpful and encouraging. […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: I Didn’t Know What to Expect

Dear Dr. Piazza, I have already talked to my brother and son about the class.  Basically I told them that the course exceeded my expectations.  In part because I did not know what to expect; this was my first handgun class and I am new to handgun ownership.   At the Front Sight class I learned […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: 4 Days of Shotgun Training

Dear Dr. Piazza, I do not want to make this too long, but I feel it is important that you know my son has never really been interested or comfortable being around firearms let alone wanting to spend a weekend shooting with me in the desert. He chose the 4-Day Shotgun Course and in 3 […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: What I got out of my Fifth Course

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Front Sight Mailbag: What Front Sight is Designed For…

Dear Dr. Piazza, Front Sight is designed for men and women of all skill levels who are able to improve their respective skill levels while participating in the course with others of varying experience, backgrounds, and skill levels.  The instruction is provided by extremely experienced staff who not only have varied and extensive backgrounds, each […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: What Front Sight is NOT

Dear Dr. Piazza, Course exceeded my expectations. This was my first trip to Front Sight as a Diamond Member from North Carolina.  The facility and instructors were fantastic; very professional and dynamic. They are not fake militaristic trainers who cannot shoot. David L

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Front Sight Mailbag: Never Before Handled any Firearm

Dear Dr. Piazza, I had never handled any firearm before when I took the course.  The ranger instructors were extremely thorough in their instructions and explanation of safety practices. In my particular case, they were all extremely patient with me.  I developed a lot of confidence thanks to their clarity of instruction.  I would definitely take this course again.  I […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Decided to See for Myself…

Dear Dr. Piazza, I decided it was time to attend some of the classes to see for myself how good the training really was.  Wow, was I pleasantly surprised.  The instructors in my classes were very professional, courteous and respectful, and always extremely patient.  The students in my classes ranged from new to very experienced […]

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