Front Sight Mailbag: How to Handle That New Handgun Safely

Dear Dr. Piazza, The Defensive Handgun Course at Front Sight is the absolute best place to learn how to handle that new handgun safely, and accurately. The professional instructors take the time to ensure that you will learn how to fire the weapon, and all without raising their voices. They really want you to get […]

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Move to RED Nye County NV and work for Front Sight. We just hired 6 instructors and looking for more…

Move to RED, Nye County, NV and work for Front Sight. We just keep getting bigger, stronger, more successful and are training more and more responsible citizens to levels of skill at arms that far exceeds law enforcement and military standards. During the COVID Lockdown, I kept our staff employed and busy on special projects. […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: MUST ATTEND

Dear Dr. Piazza, I would say that this course is a MUST ATTEND for anyone considering regularly caring and or potentially using a gun for defensive purposes. I have had a gun at the ready in my home for years and I now know I was not properly prepared to use it as intended. I […]

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Speculation, Theories, and Interpretations Abound, but THIS You Can Count On…

After the darkest day in American history, the Inauguration of China Joe Biden and Commie Harris yesterday, I have received various reports from numerous sources telling me emphatically, “IT’S NOT OVER!” Well if you read again what I wrote yesterday, you will see that I placed an emphasis on the word TODAY when talking about […]

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A picture is worth a thousand words…

The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” could not be more true than today, one of the darkest days, in American history. There were millions of images I could have shared with you, but this one image tells you that President Trump is not coming back. This image proves there is no plan […]

January 20th, 2021 Permalink

Is tomorrow the darkest day in American history or will President Trump save the Republic minutes before Biden’s Inauguration?

Yesterday, First Lady Melania Trump gave her farewell address to America. Today, President Donald Trump gave his farewell address. Today, Sidney Powell who threatened to “Release the Kraken” on all the foreign interference and voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, dismissed her lawsuit against the State of Georgia. Is this the end of the […]

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TrumpsArmy.US will NOT be needed. All Patriots STAY HOME, OFF THE STREETS, and OUT OF THE WAY of what is going down…

I have heard from several sources today that TrumpsArmy.US will NOT be needed. I have also been told to tell all patriots to STAY HOME, OFF THE STREETS, and OUT OF THE WAY of what is going down. That begs the question, “What is going down?” MORE military build-up of Washington DC with more troops, […]

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Is Your Rifle Clean?

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Front Sight Mailbag: Feedback – Remarkable

Dear Dr. Piazza, My first experience with Front Sight was remarkable. I am happy to say I will be returning soon for more training. I have taken 7 years of combat training for deployments with the USAF; this exceeds their attention to detail. Overall the experience has been outstanding. Upon arrival the staff was informative, […]

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Want a REAL “insider” to tell you what is happening? Grab your pillow…

Everybody wants to know what is real, what is speculation, what is disinformation as we are three days away from Inauguration Day. Does President Trump have a secret plan to save the Republic? Will Biden, Harris, Pence, Pelosi, Obama, Clinton, etc. get arrested and President Trump sworn in? Is President Trump just going to fly […]

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