Front Sight Critique: New Gun User Uncomfortable with Weapon…

Dear Dr. Piazza, The course was outstanding! I came in to the weekend as a new gun user feeling uncomfortable handling a gun and its basic functions but after the course I left feeling much better due to the education I received. The knowledge I gained far exceeded my expectations and I am very glad […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Looking Forward to Rope Course

Dear Dr. Piazza, I grew up around guns and had the good fortune to hunt and own guns for 50 years and I must admit I can’t believe how much love learned! I recently upgraded my membership because I believe in what you’re doing and have done. I find your staff very helpful and encouraging […]

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From my good friend, John Lott, Jr… The truth about gun control and mass shootings in Europe…

My good friend, John Lott, Jr. is a voice of sanity and scientific study in the world of knee jerk gun grabbing politics. Here is his latest article for you to share and use as ammunition against the gun grabbers: Within hours of the horrible attack in Las Vegas, before we knew most of the […]

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The Truth About Mass Shootings: It’s Not Guns! See the Hidden, Correct Target…

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, the hand-wringing gun grabbers are at it again. They are wasting no time in exploiting the deaths of innocent people by pointing their finger at GUNS as the cause of the carnage and wanting to ban them. The gun grabbers are DEAD WRONG. And anybody who continues […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Handgun Proficiency Rating

Dear. Dr. Piazza, Overall course rating:  “10” without hesitation or reservation.  I am blown away by how much we learned in 4 days and the scope of the training.  So many areas were covered in addition to hand gun shooting and proficiency.  My wife and I attended with another couple.  We all have concealed pistol […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: This is the Place for Shooters

Dear Dr. Piazza, If you like to shoot this is the place to go to.  Their facility is well maintained and fully staff so there is no shortage of access to help.  I learned basics of handgun use plus something I never gave much thought to – 3 different types of gun malfunctions and how […]

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Front Sight Critique: Pretty High Bar Set by Reviews…

Dear Dr. Piazza, This was my first visit to Front Sight and I was very impressed! I have been shooting my entire life but as I realize that there is much that I don’t know. I was looking for a professional training facility to advance my shooting skill and knowledge. I read extensively about Front […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Improvement Year Over Year

Dear Dr. Piazza, I took the 4 day defensive handgun course a second time. I love all your instructors and range masters there. All your staff are awesome, professional, and amazing people passionate to teach us amazing skills! I did not make graduate or even distinguished graduate yet, but my skill from last year to […]

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Front Sight Critique: I Had Thought I’d Be Bored…

Dear Dr. Piazza, Yesterday I completed my first handgun course with your training Academy and I was truly impressed! I am a 15 years LEO with a mid-sized Dept. In the Midwest [250 + Sworn Officers] Most of those Officers truly scare me as well but that’s a different email. I do not have the […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: My Kids Want to Live at Front Sight…

Dear Dr. Piazza, Thanks for the great courses.  I brought my whole family down this week.  My youngest is 5 and my oldest is 15.  The 15 year old took the 4 day defensive handgun with me and my wife and we had a ball.  Not to mention my wife earned the Distinguished Graduate and […]

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