Front Sight looking to hire gunsmith/armorer. Apply now…

Are you a certified gunsmith / armorer? If not formally certified by any of the gunsmithing schools, do you have years of experience, military or law enforcement background in properly maintaining and repairing revolvers, semi auto handguns, rifles and shotguns? If so, Front Sight is looking to fill an immediate position for a full-time gunsmith […]

March 2nd, 2021 Permalink

Surviving Mann to be filmed at Front Sight. Here’s YOUR Casting Call…

Many years ago, I produced a 26-episode Reality TV Show entitled, Front Sight Challenge. It aired on the VERSUS NETWORK, which later became SPIKE. Front Sight Challenge was the FIRST Defensive Shooting Competition Reality TV Show. At the time, even though it was a professionally produced, 26 episode, ready to air season, all the major […]

March 1st, 2021 Permalink

Did you hear, read or see this on the Lamestream News? I did not. The double standard that exists today is unbelievable…

I’ll bet you did not see this on your local evening news. I’ll be you did not see this in your local newspaper. I’ll bet you did not hear about this on your local radio station. I’ll bet you did not see this on your cell phone news feed. I’ll bet you did not even […]

February 28th, 2021 Permalink

Front Sight Mailbag: Think You Know Enough About Guns?

Dear Dr. Piazza, If you think you know enough about guns, their use, safety, critical aftermath of use…. you don’t. Go to Front Sight and start to learn the right way. Even living in Texas, hunting and being extremely familiar with guns, Frontsight will make you realize you don’t know enough and need to be more […]

February 28th, 2021 Permalink

12 Reasons Why I voted Democrat…

If you read the subject line and are so enraged with me that you are ready to have a stroke, calm down. Seriously, sometimes people read just the subject line of my emails and WITHOUT reading the entire email, fire off a scud missile response that they soon regret. Yes, the subject line is to […]

February 28th, 2021 Permalink

Front Sight Mailbag: Best Handgun Course I Have Ever Been Through

Dear Dr. Piazza, This was the Best handgun course I have ever been through.  Hilary was very professional and the people helping him were great.  I believe that everyone who has a concealed carry permit should take this course.  The information was priceless!  It elevated my shooting and confidence in my skills!  I will be back.  Probably […]

February 27th, 2021 Permalink

The Imposter-in-Chief will not be in the Oval Office long…

I predicted the Imposter-in-Chief, China Joe Biden, would not last a month after inauguration due to his cognitive decline. The Corruptocrats knew this was the case, but the Left Wing Media and Social Media Censors would not let any information surface regarding Bumbling Joe during the election cycle. The fix was in and Commie Harris […]

February 27th, 2021 Permalink

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gets it right…

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gave a scathing rebuke to his fellow justices who miserably failed America’s citizens last week. Quite frankly, it is hard to believe how far the Supreme Court has fallen under Chief Justice John Roberts. Thankfully, Justice Thomas is not afraid to call out Roberts and his fellow justices for their […]

February 26th, 2021 Permalink

Front Sight Defensive Handgun News

Three thwarted home invasions catch our attention today: In a Philadelphia suburb, one gun owner turns the tables to successfully defend herself and her home from an intruder. In Denver, an organized gang of home invaders encountered unexpected successful resistance when demanding everyone hit the floor of their own home. A man forcibly entering a […]

February 24th, 2021 Permalink

Front Sight Mailbag: Incredibly Informative

Dear Dr. Piazza, Overall Front Sight is an experience like none other. The professionalism, precision, and attentiveness of all of the coaches have exceeded my expectations both times I have come. Both times I have gone I have walked away with 10 new things to practice, and a hundred times the amount of comfortability with […]

February 24th, 2021 Permalink

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