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June 7th, 2006  

Whether you are a hunter or not, you should read the letter that Tom
Campbell sent me about his sons’ trip to Africa. Here it is:

Dear Dr. Piazza,

Last May I brought my three sons to Front Sight for the 4 Day Practical Rifle course. I’m sure you remember them for shooting their 30-06 bolt guns in the class. With their persistence and your
encouragement they all showed well for themselves. Front Sight’s instruction provided them with a level of confidence that shows everywhere they go. Your instructor treated each of them to
knowledge and insight that allows these young men to operate at levels that they didn’t realize they could reach.

During our trip in South Africa each of the guides for Kyle, Kevin, and Jeff made several remarks as to their capabilities.

A guide from Bloemfontein, South Africa remarked, “Anytime I told Kyle to shoot an animal, he didn’t ask how far, or where to shoot it, he just did it. I could never plug my ears in time before the gun went off and the animal fell down, over 200 paces and no tracking required!”

The owner of Club Ranch Safaris said, ” Kevin is so fast, I point at something and the gun goes off.”

Another guide that hunts 250 days per year said that he has never had a client shoot as reliably as my son Jeff.

In my conversation with the guides, the feeling was that the training my sons received at Front Sight puts them head and shoulders above 99% of the people that come to hunt in Africa. And the joy of not having to follow up wounded game is not only easier work but allows a lot more time for hunting. This adds up to real value, no lost animals and more hunting time.

Each of the boys made one shot kills at over 300 yards, not by choice but sometimes that is as close as you can get.

I hope that others can see the value in this type of training, you don’t need the new gun, learn to shoot the one you have.

Thanks again. My wife and I will see you at the July 4th First Family Reunion.

Thomas J. Campbell
First Family Member #760

Tom’s letter sums up the Front Sight Experience. Whether you are a hunter, a law enforcement officer, in the military, or a private citizen, Front Sight will bring you to levels of skill and expertise you will not achieve anywhere else and we do it in less time, for less cost, in the most caring and supportive environment that your entire family will enjoy.

See our web site at and review the Front Sight Experience A-Z which outlines our two day and four day courses in handgun, shotgun, and rifle. You will also see links to our Hunter’s Rifle Course, Concealed Weapons Permit in 20 States Course, and Armorer’s Course for the Glock Series Pistol.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Front Sight.

Ignatius Piazza

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Ignatius Piazza
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