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June 25th, 2006  

Well, below you will find a letter from a student who attended our Four Day Practical Rifle course before re-enlisting to fight in Iraq. He has an interesting story.

Dear Dr. Piazza,

In 1989 I joined the US Army and served in a variety of positions-on both active duty and in the reserve components-before accepting an honorable discharge and returning to civilian life.

After a seven year break in service where I never touched a firearm, I re-enlisted into a special operations unit and volunteered for a tour of duty in Iraq. Of course I was told that I would have to re-qualify with my weapon – not only as a standard requirement – but also because I must be capable of delivering accurate fire down range with the M16 and its variations whenever needed to assure that sensitive tactical missions are carried out.

I decided to attend the Four Day Practical Rifle course offered by Front Sight one week before attempting to re-qualify with my weapon – which I had not shot in seven years – and I am so glad I did!

The first day at Front Sight really demonstrated to me just how much I not only had forgotten but simply did not know. By day four my off-hand grouping at all distances on the range had greatly improved, which was evidenced when I went with my unit to the range only three days after returning home from Las Vegas.

My grouping on the 25-meter zero target, which is a visual simulation of a 300 meter target, was so tight that all three rounds touched each other. When I actually qualified I had one of the highest scores in the unit-an expert rating. But that isn’t what is so incredible.

For some reason one of our Sergeants – a decorated veteran of the campaign in Afghanistan – failed to qualify three times in a row. Everyone was giving him advice – even the unit snipers and designated marksman – but it was the wrong advice! One thing is for sure: just because you can perform does not necessarily mean you can teach.

He was incredibly frustrated so I offered to coach him away from the line before he made his fourth attempt. Because of what I learned at Front Sight, it only took me two or three minutes to figure out what this Sergeant was doing wrong. For ten to fifteen minutes after that I drilled him on his presentation, on sight alignment, on how to obtain a proper sight picture, on his breathing, on trigger control, on his body positioning, and so on. Then I went up onto the line with him and he passed! The difference was amazing.

The other NCOs and Officers couldn’t believe it and they all inquired where I learned “how to do that” … I just told them that I went to Front Sight and they should too.

James Clark

When we say that after a Front Sight course, you leave with skills that surpass 95% of the law enforcement and military community, we are not exaggerating. We truly look at you as a representative of Front Sight and that is why we do everything to make you as good as we possibly can during the time that you spend with us. James Clark is a typical example of the product of Front Sight and you can be too.

The Front Sight Experience is the reason why Dr. Laura Schlessinger sent her son to us before he enlisted in the Army. Front Sight’s level of training is the reason why officers from all branches of the military attend our courses to “tune up” before their next deployment.

If the people that place themselves in danger to protect our freedom count on Front Sight for their training, don’t you think you should get the same training to protect yourself and your family?

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Ignatius Piazza
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