Front Sight Resorts Interviews Student Noble La Huillier

July 13th, 2006  

Interviewed by Jim McMahon

Noble La Huillier is really catching a lot of eyes around Front Sight these days, not only from instructors, but from just about anyone who has the pleasure to share the same range with him.

Noble has achieved a Distinguished Graduate certificate for handgun, not once, but three times. And, he holds an Advanced Distinguished certificate for handgun, which he earned on Front Sight’s Combat Master Prep course. But to achieve this has taken a bit of work, to say the least. Noble has taken the Four-Day Defensive Handgun course five times, the Handgun Skill Builder four times, and Combat Master Prep course four times.

But what is really amazing about Noble is that he did all this by twelve years old.

I had the pleasure of interviewing this spirited young shooter and First Family Member at his home in Las Vegas.


FSR: What event or reason prompted you to search out firearms training?

Noble: My dad works at Front Sight, so we all just did a class, and I was the one that really got into it.

FSR: Did you have any previous firearms training experience prior to attending Front Sight?

Noble: Well, we did shoot rifles a bit before, when we lived in California. But not a pistol. My dad made me wait till I could properly clear the weapon before I was able to take the class.

FSR: What course did you first attend?

Noble: I took the Two-Day Handgun Course. I got started when I was about ten years old.

FSR: What was your impression of your first course?

Noble: I thought it was cool for someone like me and my family to shoot guns. I just thought it was kind of important to learn about it.

I did okay I guess. It was kind of a big step. I first used the Glock, and now I switched over to a 1911, a Kimber.

I liked when we went to the simulators and shot the targets inside the building. That kind of got me into a little bit of the feel of how it would be like in real life.

FSR: What aspect of the training have you found most valuable?

Noble: The skill to handle a weapon. I think it’s good that I know about the skill. It gives me some confidence about handling a weapon. I just kind of like shooting so I try to be the best at it. And I just felt kind of excited in a way.

FSR: Has your training at Front Sight helped you in any other parts of your life?

Noble: Well, me and my mom are trying to get me to an Olympic shooting team, and all this training could really help me do that. My mom says it’s helped me to be more responsible.

FSR: How many courses have you attended at Front Sight to date?

Noble: After that first one I took a Four-Day Handgun Course, and then I didn’t graduate. Then I took another Four-Day, and then I graduated. And after that I’ve been taking a bunch of handgun classes. I haven’t taken anything else other than the Rope and Rappel. I tried the rock wall plenty of times. It’s fun. I’ve done the alpine tower too.

The Skill Builder is where I finally got a DG (Distinguished Graduate certificate). For the last year I’ve been taking the Handgun Combat Master Prep classes. I’ve taken four of the Master Prep. And the last one I took, which was like two months ago, I Distinguished the Advanced Test. The advanced test is way higher.

I’ve taken the Skill Builder maybe four times. Four-Day Defensive Handgun, I’ve taken it about five times so far.

I got DG on the third time on Skill Builder, and then I went with my brother to shoot with him on the fourth.

FSR: Was that lot of work for you, getting the Distinguished Graduate certificate?

Noble: Yeah, I had a lot of dry practice and mental focus on that. You have to sacrifice some time and some energy to get that. It’s just not something that you can just get.

I’ve gotten the Distinguished three times so far, and then I got one Advanced Distinguished, from Combat Master Prep.

Noble Presenting his Weapon
FSR: How does it make you feel knowing that you are shooting in classes with police officers, SWAT cops, military personnel, and other professional adults who have not yet succeeded at a Distinguished Graduate certificate, and you have done it now three times?

Noble: Well, it makes me kind of feel good, special in a way.

FSR: What do your friends think of this?

Noble: Well, some don’t know that I do this stuff. And only a few, which are my close friends, I guess they just don’t really look into it. But I guess they say it’s kind of cool.

FSR: When did you become a Front Sight First Family Member?

Noble: About three years ago. My mom and dad bought it for me, I guess I got my worth out it.

FSR: What level of membership are you?

Noble: Copper. I guess it’s cool that we have the membership, so we don’t have to spend a thousand bucks every time I go out there. So if we didn’t have the membership I doubt that we’d be going out there almost every month or so.

I think everybody should take one of two courses at Front Sight, and have a membership. That would be great, so everybody would know what it is like to use a gun or how to defend yourself with a knife, or your hands or whatever.

FSR: What are you working on achieving now?

Noble: Well, I mainly got everything really in and focused, except for my trigger control. It’s kind of hard to get the trigger control down when you are doing so much shooting, you really create a bad mash. That really is only thing that’s been getting me.

FSR: Once you get to the level of Master of Handgun, what are you going to do then?

Noble: Once I pass the Masters test, I kind of wanted to do submachine gun and shotgun, then do rifle and try to do the Four Weapons Combat. I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.


FSR: What is the purpose of the Front Sight organization?

Noble: To help other people. And to train to learn how it feels to handle a weapon, how to use it, and how to defend yourself. And then if you need to use it, you will know how.

FSR: What does Front Sight and your participation with it, really mean to you and the future of firearms ownership in this country?

Noble: Well, I guess from the gun training and all, it might change my opinion of the gun problems that are going around. And dropping the restriction gun laws isn’t going to help anything.

FSR: If you were standing at the speaker’s podium in a large stadium, addressing 100,000 kids, and you only had one minute to tell them why they should attend a course at Front Sight, what would you say?

Noble: Wow! Well I would say if you would like to shoot a submachine gun, or shotgun or a handgun, come to Front Sight. They will teach you how to shoot a gun and manipulate it. You can take rope classes, martial arts, knife classes, and it’s a great place. It’s really fun. They have memberships that you can use to take free classes any time you want. And they last your entire lifetime.

FSR: What course are you going to attend next?

Noble: I’m planning doing Master Prep. I’m planning to get that this year before I go into high school. I can’t really take classes once I’m in school. I need to try to pass the Masters test now, when I can.

I’m thinking if I have the chance I could do a Four-Day Rope and Rappel course. That might be cool. I think it’s cool that they teach you how to tie ropes and how to keep safe when you are rappelling. I haven’t done the top level, I’ve only done the bottom end, and mid section. I haven’t done the zip line yet. On the mid section, they let you climb down back, or they have a little cable, and they tie you up and then you just zip down then.

FSR: Thank you Noble. We will see you at Front Sight!

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