America’s Safest Cities

July 20th, 2006  

This was taken from a six month period. Per this report, the city with the lowest crime levels had a combined incidence of reported violent crimes and property crimes of 949 for the six-month period. The highest city reported 109,614 crimes. Violent crimes include murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.1. Provo, Utah with 43 violent crimes
2. Amherst Town, New York with 48 violent crimes
3. Irvine, California with 67 violent crimes
4. Simi Valley, California with 84 violent crimes
5. Sunnyvale, California with 89 violent crimes
6. Bellevue, Washington with 90 violent crimes
7. Thousand Oaks, California with 94 violent crimes
8. Gilbert, Arizona with 95 violent crimes
9. Centennial, Colorado with 101 violent crimes
10. Livonia, Michigan with 102 violent crimes

Top 10 Lowest Property Crime Cities for the First Six Months of 2003

Property crimes include burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft.

1. Amherst Town, New York with 901 property crimes
2. Simi Valley, California with 913 property crimes
3. Thousand Oaks, California with 917 property crimes
4. Stamford, Connecticut with 1,006 property crimes
5. Daly City, California with 1,062 property crimes
6. Centennial, Colorado with 1,096 property crimes
7. Livonia, Michigan with 1,100 property crimes
8. Naperville, Illinois with 1,173 property crimes
9. Burbank, California with 1,376 property crimes
10. Santa Clara, California with 1,377 property crimes

Top 3 Lowest Crime Cities for the First Six Months of 2003
Both Violent Crime and Property Crime Combined

1. Amherst Town, New York with 949 violent crimes and property crimes
2. Simi Valley, California with 997 violent crimes and property crimes
3. Thousand Oaks, California with 1,011 violent crimes and property crimes

Those cities that maintain low crime rates often have police departments that interact closely with residents on neighborhood safety.
According to Simi Valley Police Chief Mark E. Layhew, “The mission of the Simi Valley Police Department is to safeguard lives, protect property and ensure a quality of life whereby people within Simi Valley may enjoy a sense of peace and security.”

The Chief continues…”We accomplish this mission in cooperation with our residents and community organizations. Simi Valley’s frequent FBI rating as the Safest City in America is a result of this partnership.”

It is not a matter of just leaving it up to the police. And factually it never was.

You too need to learn the skills to protect yourself, and your family, and to contribute to keeping your neighborhood safe.

Front Sight Resorts can provide you with those skills, and teach you better than any other personal-safety and self-defense training school anywhere. To find out more phone 800-987-7719, email, or visit our web site at

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