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September 18th, 2006  

I received this email recently, and wanted to share it with you all.

Dr. Piazza:
I thoroughly enjoyed your DVD presentation. I have known about home defense since Thursday July 10 1967. Believe me when I tell you I have dreamed of a place like yours since I was five.

I was living with my mother and little sister in a blue-collar neighborhood. It was all we could afford after mom divorced dad.

At 11:27 p.m. on that muggy night, a man broke in and beat my mother nearly to death and repeatedly raped her. I did the only thing I knew how. I shoved my little sister under a bed and pushed bedding on top of her and stood by the door with a little league ball bat that was all I had. At some point, barely conscious, my mother locked us in.

I know to my very core the value of home defense. I was five years old at the time. My sister was three. In 1969, I started in martial arts.

In the interim I learned all I could about shooting. I have spent my entire life trying to learn what it is you teach and I understand the second amendment like very few others will ever know. I also can see that what I have pushed myself to learn is insignificant to what you offer.

As to your misconceptions newsletter; I learned most of those the hard way as a volunteer paramedic from 79-85 and driving busses on the night shift in DC for seven years.

As a paramedic I experience live fire and being burned, stabbed, and shot at. I know empirically that people don’t just fall over upon being injured.
I have very much enjoyed our correspondences and as an NRA-ILA member I am 110% behind your mission.

I have a quick story for you on that. When I started dating my wife, she informed me that she hated guns. I asked her if she had ever fired one. No. I took her up to my dad’s place In West Virginia where she fell in love with my Rossi 971-.357 magnum. In short those people can be reached, what you are doing will work.

Thank you for everything, especially sharing a dream I thought dead.

Will Stewart

Thank you, Will.

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