Front Sight Mail Bag: Thanks from a student

January 24th, 2007  

Another letter came in the mail, letting us know of the effects our work has out there.  We love receiving these from our students. If you’ve got something to tell us, we welcome hearing from you.

Dear Sir;
While unable to attend any courses for awhile I am and will continue to be a friend, student and “passer of the word” and philosophy of our organization. I am particularly proud of your work and courses for kids and young adults.
As a teacher currently substituting in the Pocatello School District I am in contact with students of all ages and find  ample opportunities to share advice, ideas and support I’ve gained from previous courses at Front Sight with students on many occasions. I always tell them to get together with a parent and check out the web site, encourage them to contact you and ask questions. While not always able to follow up, I have, on numerous occasions been able to answer and guide them to finding out more and share my experiences with Front Sight. I hear a lot of “no kidding… there’s really a place like that will teach me this stuff and there’s more?”
For me personally, my time and training at Front Sight and the quality and quantity of instruction have led me to be accepted by local Law Enforcment personnel as nearly an equal and sometimes better than themselves in gun handling, tactics and shooting skills which has allowed me train with SWAT teams and on occasion to assist in the training and qualifying of new officers alongside a friend and very highly qualified instructor who is #1 or #2 in this state as a Law Enforcement Instructor of Law Enforcement Instructors and numerous winner of state shooting championships such as The Governor’s Cup.
This would not in my mind, have been possible without the highest quality of instruction I have received in the hands of you and the staff of Front Sight. Oh, and I do love those drills I get to do with the MP-5 some times with my SWAT team buddies!
All thanks to Front Sight and diligent practice on my part.
I closing, thank you for being there and thanks for Front Sight. I will continue to spread the word.
Damon Willson, Pocatello, Idaho

Thank you, Damon.

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