Reverend Responds to Free Gun Training Reports

Dear Dr. Piazza, I have just finished Newsletter Number Twelve and cannot believe your generosity.  However, you did ask for folks who would not take advantage of your kind offer to write and explain why.  I am doing just that. First, I would like to express my appreciation for your WONDERFUL lessons you have sent […]

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Ready Willing and Able

Dr. Piazza. Thank you for your gun training reports, especially number 6. While I have made the determination that I will not hesitate to use deadly force,if necessary, what you have just shared with me is very sobering. I realize just taking a Concealed Weapons Permit course is not enough. I now know I have […]

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The Value of Dry Practice

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, I am 100 percent in agreement with the value of dry practice. It teaches good sight picture, surprise trigger break, and it is next to impossible to develop bad habits caused by report or recoil. I went over a year without shooting at all, and was signed up for a shooting course. […]

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Importance of Mindset if use of Firearms

Dr. Piazza, I didn’t realize the importance of the mindset issue, but you are right. Most people operate like they’re in a cloud, in their own special world. Your reports are great! Oh! By the way, I spoke to my local police officer and asked him to check out your web site. As soon as […]

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15 Free Gun Training Reports Response

Dr. Piazza, I have been receiving the reports and enjoy the quick tips.  I have ordered the set of firearms training manuals so I can get started reviewing the techniques and making sure my dry practice is in correct form. Thanks for providing this information, it is appreciated. Craig Thansk for the feedback, Craig. For […]

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Taking A Stand

IN RESPONSE TO OUR “GUN SCHOOL FOR TEACHERS” PRESS RELEASE: Dr. Piazza, I am glad someone is taking a stand on this. It needs to become an open debate all across our nation. I had an experience when I was 17 at my High School. A fellow student was having trouble in a class and […]

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Response – Gun Courses Well Worth the Money

Dr. Piazza, Report #3 was great information. I am retired and live on Social Security, but I love recreational shooting and you have shown me how to practice cheaply. I don’t know how much your course costs, but it looks like it is well worth the money invested. I hope someday I can take it. […]

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Noble Gesture

In response to our Awarding Scholarships to  the survivors of the VT Massacre: What a grand and noble gesture to reward a hero and allow survivors the chance to acquire a skill set that may one day prove extremely valuable. God bless you Dr. Piazza! D. Williams

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Gun Training Reports Response

Dr. Piazza, I can’t thank you enough for making this exciting and important information available. Yesterday, I ordered the Dry Training manual. I have been doing my own dry training in my garage for several months as it seemed to me to be a good idea to practice possible scenarios about real life and I […]

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Front Sight Awards Scholarship to Virginia Tech Massacre Survivors

From Dr. Ignatius Piazza Founder and Director Please Forward to Your Local Newspapers, Radio Stations, and Television News Stations Liviu Librescu Scholarship Awarded By Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute to the Students Professor Librescu Saved During the Virginia Tech Massacre LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: When the shooting attack reached his classroom, 76 […]

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