Reverend Responds to Free Gun Training Reports

April 30th, 2007  

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I have just finished Newsletter Number Twelve and cannot believe your generosity.  However, you did ask for folks who would not take advantage of your kind offer to write and explain why.  I am doing just that.

First, I would like to express my appreciation for your WONDERFUL lessons you have sent me free of charge.  I MUST SAY, that I have been overwhelmed at the information contained in just these lessons.  I have learned so very much.  I have a member of my church with whom I have been sharing what I have been learning.  I think he is now enrolled to get his own set of the lessons as he is very enthusiastic about Front Sight just as I am.  Perhaps he will someday be able to take the course.

I would also love to say how much I enjoy seeing you on television.  Just last night I watched the shotgun segment.  I have previously seen the handgun program. There is no doubt as to the quality and expertise that you folks not only exemplify but teach others.

However, you asked as to why I would not take advantage of your offer, which is unbelievable.  Well, I am a full-time pastor of a small (30-50 people) church.  The church does more for me than they can afford, but they still do.  But, my salary is only $425.00 a week, with the parsonage and utilities furnished.  Though this is considerable for the church, you can see that for me to attend Front Sight at even this wonderful offer, is just out of the question.  I have to limit my training to that which I can glean from free offers like you have given, or from other such sources.  I also try to get “tips” from a Peace Officer friend of mine who has retired from the local department (as chief), and is now working with the local school police department.  I have learned much from my reading, and will continue to do so.  IF I ever have the opportunity to attend, at even the regular cost, I will gladly do so, for I believe it would be a wonderful and life-changing event.

You asked, and I have told you.  I do understand your cost, and truthfully wonder how you do what you do at the prices you charge.  It is WELL worth it for anyone who can attend.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for the information you have made available to me.  I will continue to follow and learn from Front Sight anytime I have the opportunity.  You are doing a WONDERFUL job.

May God Bless You!

Rev. Charles

Rev. Charles,

Thank you for your kind words and support.

Sign up for a four day defensive handgun course before the end of this year and you can attend free of charge.

I’m sure you will more than compensate Front Sight with your prayers, good will and testimonial of your experience.


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Ignatius Piazza
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