Bulls Eye Shooter

Dr. Piazza, Thanks I have received the second report. These reports are informative and I am sending on to some of my friends that I shoot with. I have been involved in bulls eye shooting for over 20 years and have done some high power rifle shooting. A bunch of years ago our group had […]

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Blind Self Defense

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Thank you very much. So far, I like what I hear, and as a blind person, I’m so glad you offer “hand-to-hand” training. I’ve been an assault victim before, and I believe what you may have to offer is what I need. There are lots of blind people who could benefit so […]

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Second Amendment Goals

Dr. Piazza, As the father of a North Las Vegas police officer who is also a member of SWAT, brother of a retired California Highway patrol Lieutenant, I have some understanding of the information you have so far presented, but frankly, I feel that my son would greatly benefit from attendance at your classes and […]

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A Marine’s Response

Dr. Piazza has done it! He has spread the word to the masses which has been the key to my success with teaching Marine Corps marksnamnship for the last 19 years! As a recruit at Parris Island years ago my Primary Marksmanship Instructor instilled in me the importance of the front sight as it pertains […]

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Response to Gun Training Report 10

Dr. Piazza, I just finished reading Report #10 and think that you have captured the essence of matching firearms training and the necessary mindset to go with it into what is needed by anyone who is serious about self defense. The most important 6 inches in self defense seems to me to be the area […]

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Candid Situation Reports on Front Sight

May 22, 2007 Dr. Ignatius Piazza Founder and Director http://www.frontsight.com Here are two, very candid reports from students who attended courses at Front Sight in April. Pay close attention to Report #1.  It can’t get any more honest than this… Report #1: Dear Dr Piazza, I have resisted sending you an email because I know […]

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Response to Gun Training Reports 1 & 2

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, I am receiving the reports and have read #’s 1 & 2. I am finding them very informative and interesting, and have sent my son the link. We both have handguns and permits to carry, and we go to our local indoor range weekly to practice. I sent him your link. Going […]

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Law Enforcement Firearms Training

Dr. Piazza,I am interested in taking defensive handgun course. Where exactly is your training center located? I am a current law enforcement officer who is having difficulty qualifying with my duty weapon. Do you think this course would be helpful to me? Kim Dear Kim, We are near Las Vegas, NV. We have had numerous […]

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Left Eye Dominant Shooting

Dr. Piazza,I am impressed with what I have received so far. The courses I would like to take but I have one problem and that is I have MS. It has affected my right eye which is my main shooting capability. I have been trying to adjust to my left eye and left hand. I […]

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NRA Police Distinguished Medal Recipient Response

Dr. Piazza: I have enjoyed reading your insight to firearms training.  As a retired Police Officer and and avid shooter, you have a great  insight to teaching.  I have been to a number of firearms schools, and have received the NRA Police Distingushed Medal, and think you have a great system for teaching. I hope […]

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