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May 22nd, 2007  

May 22, 2007
Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director

Here are two, very candid reports from students who attended
courses at Front Sight in April. Pay close attention to
Report #1.  It can’t get any more honest than this…

Report #1:

Dear Dr Piazza,

I have resisted sending you an email because I know you
receive so, so many of them.  However, even a month after
taking the Four Day Defensive Handgun course I find I am
still just as excited as the day I returned home to North

So now I thought I would share with you, as honest feedback,
a small portion of what I keep sharing with my friends and

I must confess to you that I went to Front Sight looking for
holes in your program.

My sister-in-law, who I went with, is notorious for being a
follower and jumping into all sorts of things.  She bought
her membership without even attending your course. This was
a big red flag to me.  Why would anyone ever fork over so
much money without knowing exactly what they were buying?

Then my brother-in-law equally jumped in.  But he is going
through a mid-life crisis!  Another red flag.

Then your continuous marketing started hitting my e-mail
inbox. Another red flag for me.

Next, was all membership promotions…

Am I painting the picture of how I felt?

From the moment I walked onto your property I was looking;
looking for any signs that Front Sight was a scam… That
Front Sight was not as wholesome as was purported.

Well Sir.  You know what I found?  Nothing!  Nothing, except
wonderful training and dedicated instructors.  Kudos to you
and your team.

I have now purchased my own membership and I look forward to
the next time I can attend.

Alexandra Reid
Sanford, NC

Report #2:

Dr. Piazza,

I recently attended the Four Day Defensive Handgun course at
Front Sight. It was four days of top-notch training, at a
top-notch facility, staffed with top-notch people.  I feel
the need to write in and tell you that the training,
discussions, presentations and people surpassed my
expectations, and my expectations had built up pretty high
in my mind before I went out to Front Sight.

The training nicely dove-tailed with a work related
conference in Las Vegas, so a colleague and I went out to
Las Vegas early, attended the four-day handgun training and
then went straight from Front Sight to the conference hotel
and met up with our other co-workers who had just arrived
that day.

Needless to say, it was hard to keep it under wraps from the
people at our company that we were going out early to attend
a defensive handgun training in the desert.

‘Wow’ is the word that comes out of my mouth when people ask
me how my training at Front Sight went.

Dr. Piazza, keep up the fight.  I sincerely appreciate what
you’re doing and how you have taken the harder path for the
good of all of us.  I can’t wait until I can contribute to a
greater level as part of Front Sight’s First Family.

Jerod Chatterton
Logan, UT
Software Engineer

PS.  I love the show, Front Sight Challenge.  I have quite a
few friends and family who watch it and I enjoy discussing
each episode with them. I hope I can get them all out to
Front Sight to experience the same thing that I just did.

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experienced, see our Lifetime Memberships at:

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Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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Ignatius Piazza
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