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Dear Dr. Piazza:I have been receiving your newsletters and love them. I have been watching your TV series when I can and am totally impressed with your training. I hope that one day I will be able to come to one or more of your sessions. At the present time I live in one of […]

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A response to the 15 Free Gun Training Reports: Dr. Piazza, Your direction, courses and vision sounds amazing! I have done a local 8 hour CCW course along with multiple local handgun courses and actually feel less comfortable carrying now, Just because I have paid a fee and read a book , etc and knowing […]

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Interesting Gun Training Secrets

Dr. Piazza, As always, thank you for the newsletters. They are very interesting secrets. When I was in the Marines, we always said to concentrate on the front sight post. Knowing it is better to concentrate on the top of the post is good. This is useful information the next time I go shooting at […]

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Response from Korean War Veteran

Dr. Piazza,I am a Korean War veteran and have owned rifles, shotguns and handguns for years. In spite of this, I have never been completely satisfied with my comfort level since there is always some type of challenge that should contribute to a learning experience.My son and I occasionally go to an indoor range where […]

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Concealed Carry Permit holders – get proper training

Dr. Piazza,The more that I read, the more that I realize that I am definitely UI, maybe worse!!!! I am a Concealed Carry Permit Holder in Indiana, and realize after reading the last 5 reports, that I know nothing about what I thought I knew in regards to handling firearms. I am an avid hunter […]

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Firearms Instructor looking to improve

Dr. Piazza, Thank you for your firearms training reports. The reason I am looking for info re firearms and various training. I am a firearms instructor with Fisheries and Oceans and I am always looking to improve myself on skills and knowledge and also to train our officers to improve their skills also. Maurice

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Informative Gun Training Tips

Hi Dr. Piazza,I just want to thank you for the informative report. I just received the first one, and I’m very enthusiastic about the training you offer. Being a female in today’s world, I fully understand and recognize the need to protect myself, since relying on help to come to me is more than likely […]

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Top Notch Firearms Training is for Civilians, Too

Dear Dr. Piazza,I just wanted to say thank you for the free reports. I went and took a concealed weapons course the other day. When I got home I wanted to see if there were any tactical courses available to the normal person that wasn’t a cop or in the military.So, I went on line […]

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Handgun Ownership and Proficiency

Dear Dr. Piazza, I did receive and read report #2. I have enjoyed everything so far (your site, dvd, and the training reports). I am getting very excited about becoming more knowledgeable about the 2nd amendment and how to help preserve it. I am also very excited about my wife and I becoming handgun owners […]

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Focus Secret Response – Tips on Gun Training

Dr. Piazza, Thank you for your wonderful reports Dr. Piazza so far I have read one and two and I think they are great I am looking forward to the rest of them I have also ordered your DVD and 12 page brochure and can’t wait for them to arrive as soon as the weather […]

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