protect gun rights

Dear Dr. Piazza, I personally thank you for striving to protect our gun rights. I currently reside here in Los Angeles, California, where people aren’t really interested in hearing the word “gun” or “arming ourselves to protect ourselves and those we love”. They usually respond with a shocked expression or disgust. I have tried consistently […]

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Refreshing voice for family safety

Hello Dr. Piazza, I just wanted to drop you this little note to let you know how refreshing it is to hear your thoughts on how to keep yourself, family and friends from becoming prime targets for these criminals. I to believe it is important to be able to identify threat to your safety , […]

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Response to the 15 FREE Gun Training Reports

Dr. Piazza, Thank you for sharing that information with me. It really made sense what you had to say, I really enjoy reading this gun reports that your company is sending me for free. I have been in the military for 18 years and all the gun training I have never had a gun instructor […]

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Guns in Schools – Response to Gun training for Teachers

Dear Dr. Ignatius Piazza About time someone gets it. We need guns in schools to protect our children. What is the matter with people? How can they have their heads so far up their anus that they cannot figure this out? I commend you on offering this to teachers for free and will confront my […]

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Response to Gun School for Teachers

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, I forwarded this email to several people, in hopes some one may receive his information and take advantage of your generous and sincere offer.  My hats off to you sir. Randi

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enjoying gun training immensely

Dr Piazza, I have been receiving your news letters for the past month or so and have enjoyed them immensely.  It appears that you have the right ideas and top notch training.  I do intend to attend you Training Center in the future.  I have recently retired after 27 years in law enforcement ( firearms […]

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Response to Front Sight newsletter

Dr. Piazza, Thanks so much for sending me this info. I have sent it out to Kansas City Mo. news channels and radio. as well my local newspaper here in Louisburg Kansas.I can only hope it gets to the right hands. Thank you and I hope to make it out there soon. Bill

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Great American Patriot

Dear Dr. Piazza, You are indeed, a Great American… An excellent article and offer to the schools in our nation.  Hopefully, this will “take hold” and training will begin.  It is encouraging to find an organization like yours which is not encumbered by the normal and very dangerous philosophy of disarming the citizenry and thereby […]

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firearms enthusiasts write in

Hello Dr. Piazza. I am 25 years old and have been a firearms enthusiast my entire life. Growing up here in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, has given me opportunity to shoot a lot. I wish to improve on my skills though and feel after reading these gun training reports that your training facility can […]

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enjoyable gun training reports

Dear Dr. Piazza,     Just wanted to let you know I enjoy learning from the reports you have been e-mailing to me. I am changing my own opinion concerning shooting I have been shooting for 25 years and the concepts your program teach approach shooting from a scientific and real world point of view. Duncan 

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