Front Sight Mail Bag: Business Owner responds

Dear Dr. Piazza, As a business owner myself, I must say that Newsletter #5 was especially enjoyable to read.  It is clear to me that you have a passion for skill at arms and the second amendment.  It is refreshing to see this passion extrapolated into a solid business plan.  I have tremendous zeal for […]

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Comfort of Skill at Arms

Here is a response to the gun training reports. We hear from people all the time about these reports. We recommend them for the person looking to gain a better understanding of shooting and of himself as a weapon. Dr. Piazza, A friend of mine just sent me your Gun Training Report #1 Comfort of  […]

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Response to first two gun training reports

Dr. Piazza: Thank you for Report #1 and #2.   I look forward to the others. I had learned from my brother (ex special forces and police officer) about focusing on the front sight but I still learned from your tip to focus on the tip of the front sight.  This excites me about what I […]

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Rapid Response to DVD

Dr. Piazza: Thanks for your note – I was able to FAX my Rapid Response Form this morning. Your DVD is great!  I really enjoyed watching it, and very much look forward to my first Front Sight experience.  It is incredibly refreshing and inspiring to see that someone is finally offering true leadership in connection […]

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Snubby Pistol Advice

Dear Dr. Piazza, I have been enjoying your Front Sight newsletters-I just read number six. I do have a question about weapon choices and training. I have had a concealed weapons permit for a number of years and practice occasionally.  I am fully aware of my need for more training; when people ask me if […]

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Dedication to Freedom

Dear Dr. Piazza, Please allow me to introduce myself so you can understand why I am emailing you. I am a memeber of the Georgia Army National Guard. I have been in 3 services now for a total of 24 years service and I have just returned two weeks ago from Iraq with a total […]

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Travel with Guns

Dear Dr. Piazza, After chatting extensively with an acquaintance who has had the opportunity to travel to Front Sight several time and to experience what your facility has to offer; and who’s considered opinions I regard, I am sold totally on the value of attending a 4 day hand gun and shotgun course as he […]

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NRA Gun Training

Dear Dr Ignatius Piazza, Thank you for letting me sign up on your newsletter.  I have read your newsletter and really enjoyed reading it.  I would like to tell you a little about my self. I am from Northern Ireland   my job back home was in anti terrorism and was a  body guard back home.  […]

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gun enthusiast responds to gun training reports

Feedback from Gun Training Reports: Hello, Dr. Piazza, I have been reading and sharing your gun training reports with my brothers and a couple of friends.  As a life member of the NRA and a handgun enthusiast I am quite interested in joining and taking courses at your facility. I may also be bringing as […]

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Regarding the Gun Training Reports

Here is some feedback on the Reports: Dr. Piazza, I think the information regarding competency levels was very informative and useful information. Thank you for the 5 letters sent so far. I look forward to receiving the other gun training reports in the near future. Sincerely, Geoff These 15 Free Gun training reports  are totally […]

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