Commendation for accomplishment

August 5th, 2007  

Dr. Piazza,

First let me start by commending you on what you have accomplished at Front Sight. From everything I have seen, read and heard, you have built a world class facility. More importantly, you have raised the bar with regards the 2nd amendment debate. You have taken the politics out of it, and shown it for what it really is; our right to provide for our own safety and for that of our loved ones. The issue is not about guns, but about our God-given right to exercise our first instinct as human beings; self preservation. I think when it comes to defending the 2nd amendment historically, we have a tendency to be our own worst enemy. We tend to succumb to the temptation to enter into debate on the insignificant parts of the issue i.e. caliber, capacity, type of ammunition, etc. when the real issue at stake is in fact, a non-issue. I’ve sure you have heard our opponents say things like ” why does anyone need a weapon that holds 17 rounds? They should be outlawed, there is no sporting reason to need 17 rounds.” My response had always been to ask why does one need a 52″ plasma TV? For years a 13″ black and white did the job just fine, or a $50,000.00 SUV when an old pickup would serve the same purpose. My point is that as Americans, we have as our birth-right, the ability to pursue our own interests. That right was bought and paid for in blood by our forefathers.

Anyway, politics aside, I think what you are doing is great. I have not had the opportunity to attend one of your classes. I am a single father of two sons, so as you can imagine, 4 day firearms courses are not quite in my budget. I work full time for an aerospace manufacturing company, but I am a firearms instructor in my spare time. I am on the advisory board for DeMolay, a Masonic youth group, and also a liaison to the Young Marines here in town. We will be putting together a Rifle team later this year. I also teach a concealed carry class here which leads me to my question. I have a section in my lesson plan called “Mental awareness, threat assessment, and escalation of force”. This is something I noticed was missing from most of the CCW classes I have seen. We spend alot of time teaching people how to shoot and the importance of practicing until the motions become second nature, But we don’t spend alot of time teaching them how to avoid putting themselves in the position where they have to shoot.


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Ignatius Piazza
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