Getting Serious about Self Defense

Dear Dr. Piazza, I have had my CCW licence for a few years, but never done a whole lot of shooting. I purchased my 357 3 inch barrel revolver some time ago. I started “carrying” seriously shortly after I was mugged. Yes, mugged two blocks from my home while walking along the beach with my […]

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Second Amendment Rights

Dr. Piazza, I truly think you are doing an enormous service to the 2nd amendment, and doing it at a level which can only grow further understanding and support.  Anyone who relies on government for “safety” or “security” is, indeed, blind.  And to rely on that entity for support for the Constitution is stupidity beyond […]

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Gun Training Report #6 Feedback

Dear Dr. Piazza: This is one of the best reports for non-combat personell I have read (I have read many).  I am looking forward to meeting you when I come to your course. Bart

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Response to gun training articles

Dr. Piazza,Being a avid hand gun and rifle shooter, I have read many reports and books and attended some schools. I must say that the thought of the white dot vs the black front sight has never been brought up. It was very interesting to read what was in the report and I went out […]

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Best Gun for Home Defense

Dear Dr.  Ignatius Piazza, Thank you for the reports; I eagerly wait for each new report to arrive in my email. I am a retired with a disabled wife.  I am in good health but she can not even hold a gun. We live in a rented duplex in a small town (10,000 pop) adjacent […]

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Been shooting since he was 9

Dear Dr. Ignatius Piazza, I am 74 years old and have owned and shot long guns, shotguns and handguns since I was 9 years old when my dad gave me my first 16 Ga. double barreled shotgun.  I slept with it that night. The following year, he gave me my first 0.22 rifle. After reading […]

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More reaction to the Gun Training Reports

Dr. Piazza I simply wanted to thank you guys for the tips in the newsletter.  I went out this weekend and participated in some shooting and used the tip by Dr. Piazza to black out the white dot on my front sight and focus on the top of the sight.  This worked well and helped […]

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Response after attending Firearms Training

Dr. Piazza, I would just like to take some time to thank you for the great class me and my wife have attended this past week.  I am a Philadelphia Probation Officer and the training I received this week may save my life (I pray it does not come to that) someday!  Your range masters […]

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Blacking out the front sight

Dr. Piazza I have been getting your 15 e-mails and have enjoyed  them.  I have got more information out of your e-mails than all the readings of the various gun magazines.  I took a felt pen and blacked out the front sight and sure enough it works. I was going through your website and clicked […]

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Front Sight and what I think so far

Here is a letter we received: Frontsight and what I think so far Dear Dr. Piazza, I’m not one to take time and write about anything, but in this case I’m absolutely compelled to do so.  I was researching shooting techniques on the internet and came across Frontsight.  I started reading and spent about two […]

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