Use of Deadly Force

Dear Dr. Piazza, I read every piece of training information you send me. All of it is invaluable. I was especially interested in Training Report #6, the use of Deadly Force. At the Sheriff’s Dept. where I work, we have gone through various scenarios depicting the use of deadly force. I personally sat and pondered […]

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Gun Training Report #2 Feedback

Dr. Piazza, I have read report #2 and I have to agree with what you have said. In the Marine Corps our marksmanship training was meant to be blended in to tactical proficiency, thereby creating a devastating warrior. Comfort and skill at arms, as well as tactical advantages, are all a part of this process. […]

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Rifle Sight placement advice

Dr. Piazza, We recently are having an carbine argument here at Ft Benning: Q: Is it better to mount your reflex sight as far forward on rifle as possible-or-far back as possible? Argument #1: Better to mount the reflex sight forward as it offers the widest field of view and fastest target acquisition (like Cooper […]

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Front Sight is what you’re looking for

Dear Dr. Ignatius Piazza, I am 74 years old and have owned and shot long guns, shotguns and handguns since I was 9 years old when my dad gave me my first 16 Ga. double barreled shotgun.  I slept with it that night. The following year, he gave me my first 0.22 rifle. After reading […]

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First Class Gun Training Center

Dr, Piazza, I appreciate all the newsletters you’ve sent.  You obviously have a first class training center and I’m sure that I would benefit from training there.  I have been through a few combat shooting courses over the years and I’m a North Carolina CCH instructor.  I’ve had a concealed carry permit (Florida) for ten […]

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More Free Gun Training Reports

Dear Ignatius, I am delighted to hear that you are going to continue your emails reports throught to number 30.  Who knows you just might carry on to # 100. I have throughly enjoyed and in fact have taken to heart the teachings that I have received. Further, I have recieved the 4 day certificate […]

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Why Black out the Front Sight of my Gun?

Dear Dr. Piazza, I have read and fully understand your reasoning behind blackening out the front sight. I am a Peace Officer here for a county in UpState New York. I am one of two Armed Inmate Transport Officers at the dept. I was in the U.S. Navy for almost 9 years, mostly over in […]

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Does Size Matter?

Dr. Piazza, I have a dilemma.  I presently do not own a hand gun (or shotgun, rifle,etc).  I have been in the market for a hand gun for some 2-3 months now.  (I am new to this whole idea).  I am researching all that I can to ensure that I purchase the right firearm for […]

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Range Master Gets His Edge from Front Sight

Dr. Piazza, I just read your # 2 Report.  As the Range Master for State Probation & Parole Officers in the Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida area, I host Yearly Qualification / Remedial classes, twice a month.  I have to say that you are “spot on” with your comments. As a result of reading this, […]

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Gun Dos and Donts

Dear Dr. Ignatius Piazza My name is Celeste and I’m a gun owner.  I’m not military nor a law officer.  Just a person who’s been a victim of crime in the past and is tired of it.  I keep my gun as home defense and personal.  Unfortunately, when you get a concealed license permit from […]

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