Home Security and the Spouse

Hello Dr Piazza, I really enjoy your newsletters very much, I really like the one about what to do with your gun when you are sleeping, in the bathroom etc. My wife isn’t really thrilled about me carrying a gun or having a gun in the house at all. However, I went and purchased a […]

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Thanksgiving Call Response

Dr. Piazza, I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the call Thanksgiving Day.   Some of my family will be at your 2 day hand gun refresher on November 30. Randy, Mike and Steve, give them a hard time for me. I’ll make it at a later date. Thanks for being […]

November 27th, 2007 Permalink

Can’t wait to come back

Dear Dr. Piazza,   I was at Front sight for a 4 day defensive handgun course Nov. 9-12 and can’t wait to go back.  Myself and 3 of my friends had an awesome time.  I was impressed by all of the things that most people say about the courses – professional staff, well worth the […]

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Gun Training from Front Sight – Feedback

Dr. Piazza Thanks to the superb training I received this past Memorial weekend at Front Sight on how to properly and safely present and fire my new handgun, I was able to score a 100 on my written test and also get a perfect score on the shooting test for my Texas CHL. I’m now […]

November 23rd, 2007 Permalink

Whether to Sleep with Your Gun or Not…

Thank you for gun training report #20, your advice is so right. I have a friend who went to bed and found himself on the front porch five hrs later with loaded 44mag in hand. It scared him so bad that he won’t have a loaded gun in his house, eight years later. He keeps […]

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Powerful Gun Training Reports

Attention: Dr. Ignatius Piazza Your newsletters carry some powerful information. I do continue to review and become more aware of the contents within. I wish I could be there to take some of your heavy hitting courses and some day I will. I just wanted to thank you for your presence and straight spoken messages!! […]

November 19th, 2007 Permalink

Firearms Instructor – Response to Gun Training reports

Dr. Piazza, I just wanted to respond to this report,  I am a firearms instructor for my dept  and I get questions all the time about caliber and/or weapon types,  I totally agree with your Motto,  ANY GUN  WILL DO, IF YOU WILL DO. I constantly tell the officers to practice,  repeat practice  then repeat […]

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Deputy Responds to Gun Report

Dr. Piazza, I read your next segment titled, “PENETRATION IS YOUR FRIEND” with much interest and especially appreciated your references regarding, “…carrying the Largest Caliber, Biggest Bullet and Most Powerful Loads” and that still yet, this is no match to the shotgun or rifle.  This is absolutely correct and a continuing point of argument I […]

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Gun Training Report Feedback

Dr. Piazza, I have been in two gunfights and I can tell people what is going to happen if they ever get into one; and I’m old enough to remember life before JFK got shot when everyone went around armed if they wanted to and no one thought much about it….and there wasn’t much crime. […]

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Firearms Training – payment plan response

Dr. Piazza, I recently, FINALLY, purchased a membership to Front Sight.  Thank you for offering a payment plan for the memberships.  It enabled me to be able to afford a membership.  I have been recommending Front Sight to people I know for a long time, and now I will finally be able to go to […]

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