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November 5th, 2007  

Dr Piazza,

I’m one of your responding reloaders.  I understand your concern and policy on reloads.  I would do the same thing.  That said the most dangerous reload problem is the lack of powder in a cartridge. The primer has enough  energy to shoot the bullet into the barrel and create blockage for the next round. Bad deal.  I remedy this by looking at each case after
the powder charge is dropped.  This slows me down on a progressive Dillon press but eliminates over and undercharges.  I don’t know how you could guarantee that as a business and understand your policy.

The next big problem is brass.  Without using used brass it doesn’t pay to reload.  It can be inspected but that still leaves room for error.  If a guy has brass and uses hard lead bullets, his costs will be about 50 percent of new.  That is a considerable savings.  I reload .45 for about $5 a box.  The best I could find non-reloadable CCI Blazer was about $11.  This I purchased for my first visit to Frontsight.  To those who shoot a lot and don’t have sponsors they don’t have much choice.

Glock did not design their guns to shoot lead bullets.  This is remedied by aftermarket barrels that will shoot anything and are better than factory Glock.  Lone Wolf makes one for a hundred dollar bill.  That turns a $500 gun into a $600 gun.

I’m sure you know all this, but in case you don’t here it is.  I don’t believe you hunt, but the reloaders forced the industry to make premium rifle loads.  I can still load premium rifle rounds for next to nothing compared to factory loads.

Enough of this, I’m curious about point shooting as some of your competitors are teaching at close range.  They say the shooter doesn’t have time to look at the sights and at 12 feet with an hours worth of training a person can make consistent fatal shots. This appears to be in contrast to what I read in your articles.  I have not taken any courses yet so don’t know your content.  Any comments?

Jon V.

Thanks Jon.

Point shooting will get you killed as it is THE REASON why cops routinely miss multiple times (fortunately the bad guy does too) at distances of 12 feet or less.  Taking that fraction of a second to see a flash of the sights guarantees the hit and THAT wins gun fights and saves your life.  That fraction of a second to see the flash of the sights is the cheapest insurance you will ever have.


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