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November 13th, 2007  

Dr. Piazza,

I recently, FINALLY, purchased a membership to Front Sight.  Thank you for offering a payment plan for the memberships.  It enabled me to be able to afford a membership.  I have been recommending Front Sight to people I know for a long time, and now I will finally be able to go to one of your classes myself, and with my favorite new firearm.

I also sent someone from Glock Talk (.com) to your web sight for a copy of your Dry Practice Manual.  The man was having trouble with eye dominance/sight picture problems, and I thought your ideas about training your neurological pathways might help him.  It’s really invaluable to have these kinds of reference materials available, and I learn a lot from your newsletter (Gun Training Reports) too.  I especially like the Color Code of Awareness and Combat Mindset.  I always go through scenarios in my head about what I would do “if”, and now I don’t feel quite so “crazy” for doing that!

Where I live (which is in a very nice surburban neighborhood being rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina), we have been having home invasions where the robbers kill every single person in the household, then steal everything they want at their leisure as the corpses cool.  Sick.  They killed an entire family as they were sitting down to dinner just a couple of miles from my house.  I wish one person in that family had had a gun and was prepared to use it.  I hope they catch those dregs of the earth and fry them.  In the meantime, I am definitely in the right mindset.

I wanted to also say that I believe you are having quite an impact politically on gun rights, one person at a time, as politicians, attorneys, accounts, etc. pass through your school and start to look at gun ownership differently.  If all schools were like yours, gun control advocates would get less of a foothold.

It is not necessary for you to reply to this email, I am sure you are swamped.  I just wanted to say, “Thank you”.


You’re welcome, Kim. I am glad your mental awareness is coming up.

I’m glad to hear you’ll be coming out to train with us. If the glass breaks at midnight, we want you to be the one left standing.

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