Front Sight Tells U.S. Supreme Court Why Firearms Training is Vital

January 25th, 2008  

Front Sight is making sure that the U.S. Supreme Court understands the absolute importance of not only firearms training in America today, but also gun ownership and why Americans must be allowed to possess firearms.

The name of Front Sight has been all over press releases and media coverage in their constant attempts to ensure that the U.S. Supreme Court justices understand the vital nature of gun ownership in America. Front Sight obviously cares a large deal about gun training in America, but more important to Front Sight is the right for all Americans to possess firearms in the first place. Considering that the District of Columbia’s handgun ban prevented just that: firearms possession – and therefore also firearms training – Front Sight is doing everything in its power to ensure the U.S. Supreme Court rules the District of Columbia’s handgun ban unconstitutional. While fairly certain that even without its efforts, the U.S. Supreme Court justices would realize the unconstitutional nature of the District of Columbia’s handgun ban, Front Sight is not taking any chances, and if education of the people happens while Front Sight stresses gun ownership and gun training so much, so much the better.

Front Sight, for those who don’t know of it, is the nation’s leader in gun training. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute delivers gun training to more students than all other major firearms training schools in the nation combined. The founder and director of Front Sight, Ignatius Piazza, keeps Front Sight’s student base growing and keeps Front Sight’s expansion on an upward climb, thereby continuing Front Sight’s reign of the name on everyone’s tongues when firearms training is disputed. No other gun training academy has the notoriety not only as a firearms training institute but also as a political powerhouse like Front Sight. Ignatius Piazza uses the notoriety Front Sight has gained over the last decade and a half and converts it into political power, informing the American public, via media outlets, press releases and newsletters, of why gun ownership, gun training and – recently – the District of Columbia‘s handgun ban is so vital to American life.

Try to imagine, say Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza, a historic America without firearms. Obviously, in the day of colonials, there were no firearms training academies, but they didn’t need gun training – the practice they got hunting and protecting themselves was precisely what they needed, and they – in turn – became very accustomed to having firearms everywhere around them. As Americans spread west, the same rules applied: gun training was supplied through hunting and protection. If a hunter couldn’t take a shot or a guard couldn’t aim properly, the family went hungry or the town got attacked. Therefore firearms training wasn’t far from necessity. But throughout it all, gun ownership and gun training was a common, everyday aspect of American life, colonially, on the frontier and throughout American history.

Now today Americans perceive that the necessity of firearms has gone down. Certainly, the ability to receive firearms training on one’s own has decreased – hunting and protecting oneself is no longer quite as prevalent as it was in the past. But Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight stress that there has never been a time that gun training and gun ownership has been more important. With foreign enemies increasing, ganglands spreading, and our own government beginning to restrict American rights, America needs to wake up to the fact that firearms training and gun ownership is vital.

Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza stand at the forefront of demanding that the U.S. Supreme Court and all of America realize the dangerous precedent the District of Columbia‘s handgun ban could set.

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