Save a Member of our Armed Services

January 30th, 2008  

Send this offer to everyone you know!
Post it on every freedom loving chat room and forum!
Spread it among the military community!
You have two weeks to spread this around so every member
of the military can receive what they need and deserve.

January 30, 2008

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Save a Member of our Armed Services from Going to War
Without Proper Training and Front Sight’s $6,900 Challenge
Lifetime Membership is Yours for Zero, Zip, Nada!
(That means no charge for YOUR membership!
But you must act quickly! Offer expires in 16 Days!)

Dear all;

I told you yesterday that a very disturbing story from a very reliable source has brought to my attention that our good men and women in the Armed Forces Reserves, State and National Guard Units are being sent to Iraq with LESS training than we routinely provide our students in any of our Front Sight Four Day Courses.

Well, it seems that some servicemen and women destined for Iraq are getting even less training than the Reserves and Guard Units!

Read this unsolicited report I received today and then join me in becoming part of the solution to getting our young men and women trained– and in doing so, I will reward you generously.

Read Petty Officer Goforth’s letter to me (that is his real name) and then take advantage of your opportunity to secure your own lifetime of training for zero, zip, nada…

  Dear Dr. Piazza,

My name is Harrison J. Goforth, and I am currently serving  proudly in the United States Navy. I am writing in regards  to Front Sight’s recent offer to its customers of free and   reduced cost Challenge Lifetime Memberships in exchange   for the promise to donate one of these memberships to a   member of the U.S. military.

First, I’d like to thank you for making such a generous   offer and for the patriotism it symbolizes. I’d also like   to express my personal appreciation for your steadfast  encouragement of Americans to exercise the exact freedoms  that we in the military, at home and abroad, are fighting   to defend.

In addition to our Reserve and National Guard soldiers   being sent to the fight with a level of firearms training   below that which Active Duty service members are accustomed to, and which is already surpassed by the   focused, efficient training offered by Front Sight, Navy   sailors and Air Force airmen are subject to a process  called Individual Augmentation, in which they may be   removed from their present command, sent through an   abbreviated version of Army boot camp, and deployed to   assist the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. While I believe I speak for all of my shipmates when I say  we’re ready, willing and able to help out, many of us have  even less training with firearms than members of the  Reserves and National Guard!?

Speaking only for myself, my firearms training is limited  to what I received in boot camp, which was two hours of  classroom instruction, two hours of simulator practice,  firing 48 rounds on the M9 service pistol and only 3  rounds(!) on the M870 shotgun.

Military firearms trainers are highly skilled and  motivated individuals, but as you can see, they often  operate under somewhat limiting constraints that prevent  them from providing the level of training one can receive  at Front Sight.

While I am not presently slated to deploy to Iraq, there  is no way of knowing when the call for volunteers will go  out. I wish I could take advantage of this offer, but I am  only an E-4 at the moment, and I devote a portion of my  paycheck each month to helping my family back home with  their expenses. While I may be able to afford $99 a month  if my situation changes (such as earning a promotion), it  will come too late for me to participate in this generous  program.

Therefore, what I’m asking is that if you find a person  who has an extra membership that they can’t find a home  for, please have them consider sending it my way. I give  my word that I will not forget their generosity, or that  of Front Sight in providing this offer, and promise to  “pay it forward” by exposing my shipmates and fellow  service members to the training provided at Front Sight.?

In the Navy, sailors who earn expert qualifications on the pistol and rifle are rewarded with special marksmanship medals and ribbon devices. Out of all the ribbons a sailor  can earn, few things get noticed quicker or draw more  questions than two big, shiny Es next to each other on the  Rifle Marksmanship and Pistol Marksmanship ribbons.

My goal right now is to strut into work one day, have  someone point at my new expert qualification ribbons, and  ask, “How’d you get those?”, at which point I’ll proudly  say, “I trained at Front Sight, the finest firearms  training school in the world.”

I want to be comfortable and skilled enough with the  weapons I will be using that I can focus on the mission at  hand (instead of worrying about whether or not I’ll   survive a lethal encounter), but for that to happen right  now, I could use a little help. I appreciate anything  that you can do on my behalf, and thanks again for making  such a generous offer to the public, with such a patriotic  goal behind it.

Yours truly,
Petty Officer Harrison J. Goforth

So listen up…This is not a marketing letter.

This is a letter for every kid down YOUR street who enlisted in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard to protect and defend you!

This is a letter for every man and woman who will leave their family, business, and career to serve in the National Guard and Reserves!

Damn it!  These fine men and women deserve the best training possible.  I wish I could give every one of them a Challenge Lifetime Membership for their willingness to step up and defend my freedom.  By myself I can’t give away what our own
government evidently can’t even afford to provide, but with your help I will give every serviceman and woman a membership at MUCH less than my cost and will make up the losses over time.

I’ll do my part. Can I count on you to do your part?

A wise man once told me, “When it comes to freedom, you either wear the uniform or write a check to support those who do, because freedom is not free!”

Well, here is what I am going to do and I want YOU and everybody you know to participate too.  We can really make a positive impact on our service members lives and strengthen our country and community in the process.

I’m going to severely discount the Front Sight Lifetime Membership that every member of the Armed Forces, Reserves and Guard Units should have– A Front Sight Challenge Lifetime Membership. I’m darn near giving them away and happy to do it because it is for all the right reasons.

I’ll put my money where my mouth is to be part of the solution in making sure that our good men and women have EVERY opportunity to get the weapons training they need and deserve.

AND I’ll reward YOU with a $6,900 Challenge Lifetime Membership at NO COST for helping me help the good men and women who chose to wear a uniform to protect our freedom.

So take advantage of this offer and also forward this e-mail to everyone you know so they too can secure a $6,900 Challenge Lifetime Membership for Zero, Zip, Nada PLUS get $12,800 in valuable bonuses for immediate participation!

See: for all the details and participate today so I can provide you with $12,800 in bonuses!

(If you cannot open this link, copy and paste it into  your Internet browser.)

I look forward to seeing you as a lifetime member of Front Sight soon.

Send this offer to everyone you know!

Post it on every freedom loving chat room and forum!

Spread it among the military community!

You have two weeks to spread this around so every member of the military can receive what they need and deserve.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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