Personal Contribution to Second Amendment Rights

February 11th, 2008  

Dr. Piazza,Hello and thank you for all your organization does to promote shooting sports, self-defense and American values! I believe a large number of people respect and admire you and what your organization represents. Through your newsletters and training, Front Sight offers a little security and peace of mind in this time of chaos and uncertainty. As my personal contribution to help preserve the 2nd amendment rights we all cherish, enjoy and are charged to defend during “Our Watch” I purchased a friend of mine a membership to the NRA and took him to the range for the first time. His introduction to guns and gun safety went amazingly well. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and has now become very interested in buying his first firearm!

The tales of gun owners defending themselves and families hits no closer to home that here in Connecticut. I am sure the story of the home invasion and subsequent murder of a man’s family in Cheshire Connecticut has had nationwide coverage. At the prompting of liberal media he is often seen denouncing firearms and violence in general. When a man has become so pathetic as to deny his family and children the protection and security that are his masculine duty to provide one has to question where the courage, core values, morale’s and principles of this once great nation, individually and collectively are headed?

I have not attended any of your classes yet but look forward to leaving Connecticut during the coldest and longest days of winter to come train with you and staff. I urge you to communicate to anyone your vast resources can reach about sharing the duty of guarding our constitution, family, self and country. Without the knowledge, skill and ability to use firearms this “Duty” is not realized to its full potential. I for one, enthusiastically and solemnly share your message, website, ideas and ideals with as many who will listen. Posing to them the question of how two unarmed thugs vs. four family members in their own home could overpower, violate and ultimately kill all but the husband? Men who have never had weapons training are especially receptive to the concept after hurricane Katrina left many defenseless and helpless. This local horror has further convinced many “Individuals” to re-think their own method for providing security to their loved ones.

Think how many opportunities are missed when we fail to let like-minded but perhaps under exposed people slip through our “Circle of influence”? If only each Front Sight member invited one non-gun owner to a safe but informal day at the range? They would then see that “Assault” rifles did not assault anyone of their own fruition, they are simply a tool that has been unfairly villanized and given a sensationalist place in left-winged attacks on freedom loving Americans.

At no time in history will the presidential elections be more important than next years. Let’s all pull together and expand the “Circle of influence” of law-abiding, self-accountable Americans, putting more Front Sight graduates in our neighborhoods, towns, schools, fire and police departments and military. God forbid but we may need them one day. Remember Pearl Harbor.

Patriotically yours,


“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant: It’s that they know so much that isn’t true”. Ronald Reagan

Well said Jerry.

I look forward to seeing you at Front Sight soon.

You are going to love it!


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Ignatius Piazza
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