July 30th, 2008  

Hi Dr. Piazza,

I just finished reading your 10th news letter. They are the very best I’ve ever read in my more then seven decades. Over the years I’ve read many training manuals, watched all of them on TV as well as CD’s etc. All have some neat things as well as some that will get you killed.

I have a reason for writing you beyond bragging on what you’re doing… let me explain.

About 45 years ago I pinned on my first badge. Before I was done, I had carried one as a City Policeman, a Deputy Sheriff, a State Trooper and a Chief of Police. Back in those days, training was almost non existent. However myself and another Trooper trained together in our off time almost every day. We made up every saturation we could conger up in our minds and went through it in live fire. This, of course, was in addition to all the dry fire getting to know the firearm as well as injecting ‘situations’ into the practice.

Thirty six years ago, I was arresting a man that wouldn’t submit. In the process of the fight, I shot him dead. The first round went dead center between his nipples. When that one hit, he started to turn and the second one went about 2 inches laterally from the first one, through his heart and lodged against his backbone. The problem was, when I knew I had to shoot him, I hesitated. When I did, he hit me in the head with an ax. I did manage to get my weak hand up to deflect the blow. I ended up with a fractured left wrist and a large goose egg on the side of my head. I just wanted to tell you, no matter how hard we train, us good men have a built in switch in our brain that tells us not to shoot another human being. I know I have it because I know no one that trained more than I did.

Oh yes, I had to fight many mental battles after that. Killing another human is something to be avoided at almost all cost. Could I do it again? YES… to save my family or myself, absolutely. Perhaps I wouldn’t hesitate next time.

Anyway, what I see you doing is the very best I have ever seen. I just wish I could take part but my ill health will not allow that but thanks for the news letters and I wish you all the very best!

Lee W

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Ignatius Piazza
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