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January 26th, 2009  

Our exciting Reality TV Series, Front Sight Challenge is now available to you and the entire world 24/7!

I’m providing you with a complimentary subscription to watch 80 contestants battle it out to see who makes it into the Front Sight Challenge All-Star Competition and ultimately shoot it out to become the Front Sight Challenge Grand Champion!

40 private citizens with no military or law enforcement background who have only received Front Sight’s training, battle it out against 40 seasoned law enforcement and military professionals.

That’s right! Soccer moms, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, grandmothers and even a teenager with no training other than what they received at Front Sight go head-to-head against hardened SWAT Cops, Deputy Sheriffs, Army Snipers, Federal Officers and even a Secret Service Agent to see who is the best with a gun!

Handgun, shotgun, rifle, sub machine gun and even select-fire M16 competition pits “Joe Average” (Front Sight trained) citizens against the best that law enforcement and the military can throw at them.

In each of 20 episodes, two private citizens with no training other than Front Sight courses, challenge two, battle tempered professionals who carry a gun every day to see who is truly the best man (or woman) with a gun!

Only one contestant of the four can win each episode and move on to the All-Star Competition.

I spent over 1 million dollars producing this series and I’m giving you complimentary access to 20 episodes so you can see who is victorious and makes it into the All-Star Competition and who goes home with their tail between their legs!

Will it be the cops and soldiers who dominate or will the private citizens give the pros a spanking?

Let me introduce you to the first 20 contestants: (These are all great people, and you’re going to love them.)

Please go to EACH of these first 5, Front Sight Challenge introductions to meet the contestants and see them demonstrate their skills on the ever daunting “DO or DIE” Challenge.

Front Sight Challenge – Shotgun
Front Sight Challenge – Rifle
Front Sight Challenge – M16
Front Sight Challenge – Handgun
Front Sight Challenge – Sub Machine Gun

After watching the introductions simply go to Front Sight Challenge to subscribe at no charge and with no obligation to receive access to 20 full episodes.

So please go to EACH of the first 5, Front Sight Challenge introductions to meet the first 20 contestants and then subscribe at no charge to receive access to 20 full episodes.

I hope you enjoy watching Front Sight Challenge as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!

If you have not yet secured a 30 State Concealed Weapon Permit, the world class training that Front Sight provides, or a Springfield Armory XD Pistol, then take advantage of Front Sight’s Greatest Course, Gun and CCW Permit Offer Ever.

Go to

I will be posting a different article on this blog each Monday so I look forward to your visit every week.

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Again, if you want to take advantage of the Greatest Course, Gun, and CCW Permit Offer in the firearms training industry see this link:

See you next week.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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