Ignatius Piazza: Follow-up to ‘Patriot or Traitor?’

March 9th, 2009  

The video I shared with you last week caused the greatest amount of e-mail response I have ever received in a single week.

I spent nearly the entire week personally reviewing your responses as to whether you felt the Marine’s message was one of a Patriot or Traitor.

There was also one very interesting question that continued to be posed to me throughout the week that I will answer by sharing another video with you.

So is the Marine in the video a Patriot or Traitor?

See the tabulated results from thousands of answers I received over the last week…

If you did not see the Marine video here it is again.

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The results of thousands of e-mails I received was a 99.999% response of PATRIOT.

The thousands of responses came from private citizens, law enforcement, and military personnel alike.

Again, the overwhelming response was that the Marine was a Patriot, to be admired, and that the respondents would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him if ever a Call-to-Arms was issued.

Interestingly, there were a few retired Marine officers, one retired Colonel in particular, who were extremely agitated over the video and felt the Marine should be brought in front of a military court on numerous charges of misconduct.

The most frequently asked question related to the Marine’s message was, “What is the difference between a Democracy and a Republic?

Well, I have a great video to show you that explains the differences between the various forms of government, and specifically why our Founding Father’s gave us “A Republic, if we could hold on to it…”

Here is the video. Please watch it and then send my blog link to everyone you know.

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And here’s the definition of “Democracy” from the Soldiers Training Manual issued Sept. 30th 1928. (That’s right, September 30, 1928!)

“TM 2000-25: 118-120”

A government of the masses. Authority is derived through mass meeting or any other form of direct expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic, negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the people shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation, or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demagoguery, license, agitation, discontent, and anarchy.

Then look at the definition of Republic in that same Soldier’s Training Manual of 1928.


Authority is derived through election by the people of public officials best fitted to represent them. Attitude toward property is respect for laws and individual rights, and a sensible economic procedure. Attitude toward law is the administration of justice in accord with fixed principles, and established evidence, with a strict regard to consequences. A greater number of citizens and extent of territory may be brought within its compass. Avoids the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy. Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice, contentment, and progress.

It seems that even with all the technology we have today, we cannot stop the “dumbing down” of America as each new generation moves farther away from the principles and government our Founding Fathers bestowed upon us.

As a result, I’m sincerely trying to do my part to bring us back to those principles and ideals that created America, and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is…

So if you do not have a 30 State Concealed Weapon Permit, the world class training Front Sight provides, or a Springfield Armory XD Pistol, then take advantage of Front Sight’s Greatest Course, Gun and CCW Permit Offer Ever. (Also known as the Millionaire Patriot Offer.)

Go to http://www.frontsight.com/free-gun.asp. I will be posting a different article on this blog each Monday so I look forward to your visit every week.

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See you next week.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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