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March 17th, 2009  

Front Sight was appalled when we read the headline. “Realtor Hacked to Death.” What?! That actually happens? Apparently so, and it happened yesterday in Bangalore. People, especially Front Sight, never underestimate the power of good self defense training!

The story went like this. A twenty eight year old man named Lohit Gowda parked his car in front of a restaurant and was waiting for his associate (who is now a suspect for the crime!) While he was waiting, four or five people (the number is not actually known yet) attacked him. They, of course, were armed, and – in front of several people – chopped him up, crossed the street and simply drove away. His friend was able to recognize a threat before Gowda was attacked and escaped. It is said that Gowda has had a financial dispute with one of the suspects.

What can be learned from this? We can take away several things from this sickening incident. The “obvious” – multiple attackers is not uncommon. We need to learn how to defend ourselves against single AND multiple attackers. The “a bit less obvious” – recognizing a possible threat is a great form of self defense. After all, Gowda’s friend still has his life. And the “not so obvious” – any one of the stunned onlookers could have been next. Front sight realizes that there is a lot of details when it comes to self defense.

The self defense training offered by Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his team of professional firearms training instructors and martial arts instructors at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada can help you out will all of these lessons. Offering courses such as handgun training, rifle training, edged weapons training, martial arts training, shotgun training and other family protection and self defense courses, Dr. Piazza ensures students that Front Sight is the most well rounded firearms training schools you can find. It is notably the unrivaled leader in the world, which is not surprising, seeming as how it was founded and is now directed by the second man in the world to achieve the status of Four Weapons Combat Master. Dr. Piazza’s courses not only train you how to handle an armed attacker, but they teach you how to protect yourself if there are more than one – whether they are armed or unarmed. You know those scenes from the movies where the protagonist is attacked by twenty or so armed assailants? Front Sight can help you prepare for if that actually happens… and as proven yesterday, it can. Knowing how to respond could have helped Gowda. Dr. Ignatius Piazza also teaches the Color Code of Mental Awareness… being able to identify a life threatening situation BEFORE it arises. This is an idea that benefitted Gowda’s friend. He saw the threat and he got out. Escaping a situation before it happens is one of the best forms of self defense! One guess is that the people who saw this spectacle were not only grossed out, but they were probably scared. What would have happened if one of the bad guys turned his weapon on someone who stood in his way? Would the person have had the ability to overcome fear and disarm him? After one course at Front Sight, your confidence in your self defense skills will greatly improve, leaving you with a greater ability to not be afraid and a better chance at survival.

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