Ignatius Piazza: 40,000 Lives Lost Per Year Must Be Worth It…

May 4th, 2009  

As a civilized society we like to pride ourselves by placing a very high value on life.

The truth of the matter is, we place a much higher value on personal convenience than we place on human lives.

The fact that over 40,000 people die in automobile accidents per year in America and we do NOTHING to restrict, regulate, or ban the ownership and use of automobiles clearly indicates that we, as a society, value our personal convenience and freedom of mobility MORE than we do the 40,000 people who die every year in traffic accidents.

Well, what about freedom from fear of home invasion, assault, robbery, rape, murder, and tyranny?

If we are going allow 40,000 people every year to die in automobile accidents, just so that we can drive to the supermarket, manage our two hour commute to and from work, or enjoy a nice Sunday drive down the coast, shouldn’t we be willing to accept SIGNIFICANTLY FEWER deaths related to gunfire in exchange for the ability to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our community, and our country?

Watch what a noted scholar, criminologist, and author had to say to ABC News about the hopelessness of gun control.

The “Brady Bunch” and the gun-grabbing liberals don’t like what Professor James Jacobs has to say…

See his interview here:

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NOW, please forward this blog to everyone you know and post it every place you can so that Professor James Jacobs’ pragmatic and rational views on the fallacy of gun control can be seen by the millions of people who would not see it otherwise.

(No other main stream news agencies will interview him after he told the truth about society’s double standard so let’s make sure the world finds out from right here, through the Internet, about his new book and his refreshing, scholarly findings!)

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Dr. Ignatius Piazza
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Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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