Your Neighbor, The Rapist

May 27th, 2009  

What would you think if in two weeks in the state of California, over three thousand people were sexually abused?

In Alaska during the first two weeks of April, there were fifty nine reports of sexual abuse. Fifty nine in fourteen days! Considering the fact that Alaska’s population rests just under seven hundred thousand, that is even more than it sounds. Rhode Island has over one million citizens, Texas holds a little over twenty four million people and California’s population is just shy of thirty seven million. Some simple math tells us that Alaska’s fifty nine reported cases of sexual abuse has an equivalent of about three thousand, one hundred sixty cases in California – and these are just REPORTED cases. How many go unmentioned? It is a sad, sad fact that the reported cases of abuse really only represent a small percentage of what is really going on. It is gross.

It is time we take charge and prevent this from continuing. Every day, more and more people (both women and men) are getting raped, sexually abused, robbed, kidnapped and violently attacked. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to sit around and let it happen to you? Are you going to watch as your daughter lays, scared and beaten in a hospital bed, while the nurses run tests for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections? Get the self defense training you deserve now. Sign your children up for self defense courses now. Take control of your future – NOW – because tomorrow just might be too late.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada, can provide your family with the best courses in self defense you can imagine so you and your loved ones can feel safe, even in a world that may frighten you. Family protection courses and all kinds of self defense classes are offered, such as self defense firearms training, competition firearms training, combat firearms training, handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, UZI submachine gun training, Select Fire M16 training, night gun training, beginning firearms training, advanced firearms training, teen gun training, firearms training for women, youth safety training, child safety training, knife training and other edged weapons training, empty hands self defense training like martial arts training and rappelling training, Concealed Carry Weapons Permit training (CCW Permits are required in many states) and gun safety training. Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza founded Front Sight in April of 1996, and the gun training school has done wonders for people all over the world ever since. Gun enthusiasts and gun control supporters come from thousands of miles away to meet the Millionaire Patriot himself, Dr. Piazza. Being the unsurpassed leader of firearms training schools in the gun world, Front Sight has earned its raving reviews. No other place to get gun training comes close to the results Front Sight delivers. After your first self defense gun training course, you will have skills that will not only impress your friends but could, in fact, save your life.

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