When Burglars Prey

June 3rd, 2009  

A man died on April 15th from pancreatic cancer. His family attended the funeral and when they returned home, they soon learned that their house was different. Things were broken or missing, drawers were open and their belongings were strewn about on the floor. It was an unsettling realization to see that their house had been burglarized while they were at a funeral. Some people really can show no mercy. The person that robbed the house apparently knew the family and knew their phone number (a call was made to the house from a pay phone just before the funeral) however, authorities are still trying to find out who the thief is. It is sad to see that people will use other people’s grief to their advantage. Even though where the family was was not a pleasant place, at least we can say they were not home. So many houses get burglarized every year while people are home. My brother has a friend whose house was robbed a few years ago while she was home from work on lunch. She hid in the upstairs bathroom and listened to the whole event. What would have happened if a robber had opened the door on her?

What would you do if you were home and your house suddenly got ransacked? Even worse, what if they were armed with guns or knives? Learn how to protect yourself, how to use a gun for self defense and how to hold and use a knife. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada can teach you all these things and more. Dr. Ignatius Piazza first had the idea to create Front Sight when his neighborhood was rudely disrupted by a drive by shooting back in 1988. He quickly realized that yes, he knew how to use a gun, but he did not know if he had the skills to use a weapon when his life depended on it.

Ignatius Piazza started training intensely and a few years later, became the second man in the world to become a Four Weapons Combat Master. Wanting to share his live saving techniques with the world, Dr. Piazza founded Front Sight in April of 1996. Now, Front Sight is a place where any law abiding citizen can participate in rifle training, shotgun training, handgun training, automatic weapons training, knife training and other edged weapons training, empty hands self defense training like martial arts training, night gun training, self defense gun training, competitive firearms training, combat shooting training, target practice and CCW permit training. It is by far the best gun training available, and students of Front Sight learn more than they ever imagined they could in one weekend. Literally, after one weekend with the Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Piazza, you will have shooting skills and weapons handling techniques that will surprise everyone around you. You will be ready for anything. You will have the confidence and competence to protect yourself and to offer family protection. Don’t put your family at risk! Get trained with Front Sight.

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