Ignatius Piazza helps Military Women

June 19th, 2009  

Memorial Day weekend is a powerful day for many people. This Memorial Day, many women in the military are being recognized for their hard work and perseverance for our country. In this ceremony, sadly enough, the issue of MST – Military Sexual Trauma – is being brought to the attention of the general public. A former Marine Corps Captain stated that many women who leave the military are leaving with not only physical wounds and scars, but emotional as well. In 2008, over three thousand sexual assaults were reported in the military. Keep in mind these are just the reported cases. Not all cases actually are known. It is so sad to hear about any kind of sexual assault, sexual abuse or rape of any kind. And these assaults are happening to women that are spending their lives defending our country, our freedom and our lives. It is time that we get up and do something about this, rather than just sitting and watching it happen! Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada has self defense training classes that will give women the ability to protect themselves, even in the scariest of situations. Even women who are highly trained already, such as women in the military, can benefit from Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s self defense training program at Front Sight. In fact, a Retired Marine Officer said of Front Sight, “Without question Front Sight covers more ground than any other comparable course—civilian, military or law enforcement. The level of proficiency that the average student attains far exceeds the standards expected of military professionals. The material covered and proficiency levels achieved at Front Sight surpass anything I experienced in over 20 years of military service.”

Why is Front Sight so amazing? First, it was founded in April of 1996 and is now directed by the second man in the world to receive his Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate, Dr. Ignatius Piazza. He is known to millions of people as the Millionaire Patriot because he puts so much time, energy and money into his gun training school. Students of Front Sight are taught by a team of gun training instructors and self defense training instructors who are carefully selected by Ignatius Piazza himself. Gun training courses such as self defense firearms training, combat gun training, competition firearms training, handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training, night gun training, firearms training for women, teen gun training, Concealed Carry Weapons Permit training and target shooting practice are taught in ways that are proven to maximize memory absorption and retention. In addition to gun training, Ignatius Piazza also included knife training and other edged weapons training and empty hands self defense training like rappelling training and martial arts training in his complete self defense training program. By the end of your first self defense gun training course or any other course at Front Sight, there is no doubt that you will truly understand why it is the unsurpassed leader of gun training schools in the world.

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