Front Sight Mail Bag: Conscious Decision to Defend Oneself

August 7th, 2009  

Dr. Piazza,

Back in the 1970’s, a friend, 6’3″ tall, fit young man, who carried a handgun in his car at all times, paused for a stop light in downtown Houston Texas. Someone walked right up to the car, opened the door, hopped in, with a gun in his hand.  My friend ended up driving him all over Houston, taking money out of ATM machines and cashing checks. During the entire 8 hour ordeal, my friend never had the opportunity to go for his gun. He finally talked the young man into letting him go.

I have maintained a high level of awareness ever since, always keeping vehicle doors locked.

Now I have followed for years my police patients’ advice: besides being aware, I have my keys in my hand, ready to open the door.  Get in and promptly lock the door, start the engine, put the vehicle in gear, and THEN put the seat belt on… no dilly-dallying in the parking lot ever.

The second story is about my friend, colleague, and classmate who worked in my office.  She saw patients at night.  I had begged her to keep the inner doors locked when she was there alone.  Barring that, I begged her to carry a gun — even offered her the use of one of mine.  She felt that she was a very physical woman and didn’t need a gun to protect herself.  And had commented that somehow she would call down a calamity by keeping the doors locked.

Someone made an appointment and asked if one of the doctors could stay late after hours as he was in “horrible pain” and see him on the way home from work.  We are now assuming that it was a setup.  When her body was found, she had obviously been tortured and had been stabbed multiple times.   She wasn’t lucky enough to talk her way out of it.

No one ever wants to be in the position of “having” to defend themselves.  But I made the conscious decision long ago that I would defend myself if need be.

I have read with interest your various tips.

I now practice dry firing.

It brought to my attention that my irregular range practice wasn’t enough, and I’m more aware to have my weapon available even around my home and while out in the garden.

Thank you for providing the tips.

They are useful, practical, and I have passed your site to other friends.

Sandra R.

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Ignatius Piazza
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