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August 16th, 2009  

Dr. Piazza,

As per the suggestion in the most recent e-mail I received from you. I read the story about Mr.Augusto but the NYT’s is no longer taking comments about this incident, so I’ll e-mail CNN instead and inquire about their lack of coverage. If the comment page can be relied on Gus has the support of the vast majority of the law abiding public. Thank you for brining this to my attention. When my business improves and money is not in such short supply I’ll be in your class.

Ed S.


Dr. Piazza,

I went to the NYTimes site to send a message of support for the store owner and the first two pages of comments were ALL but one, very supportive of the store owner.  NYT is no longer taking comments, because the response was overwhelming in favor of citizens’ right to bear arms and defend themselves.

There is a somewhat similar situation here in very liberal Iowa City.  A citizen who apparently observed a man breaking some bottles on the sidewalk or pavement outside a restaurant said something to the effect of, “hey, pick that glass up”.  The man stabbed him with a knife causing injuries that required some major surgery.  An armed, off duty officer was passing by, saw the event and stopped, drew his gun and said something to the effect of drop the weapon and put up your hands.  The assailant reportedly turned to stab the victim again and the off duty officer placed a fatal jacketed missile in the central mass as prescribed by your courses when shots must be fired to protect life.  The local paper was describing the assailant as a victim within 24 hours, and has continued to describe the officer as a cop killer of a poor homeless Sudan lost boy.  The police are evaluating “some conflicting testimony” and awaiting toxicology reports before they will release a full report.  Many liberal citizens have expressed opinions that the officer could and should have “shot to wound” or carried out some less aggressive response to try and stop the repeat stabbing.  They seem to have watched too many Roy Rogers and Gene Autry westerns where the amazing shooting accuracy was such that weapons could simply be shot out of the miscreants hands, with no permanent damage to anyone.  Some one with expertise should lay those shooting myths to rest.

Al C.

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Ignatius Piazza
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