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August 18th, 2009  

Thanks for publishing this Piazza.

I am truly worried that Americans any younger than 40 are not aware of our history, and concerned that it is no longer being taught in schools. With the current political climate and with government slowly, but surely encroaching on our lives again, it is now more important than ever to remember the principles that the United States of America.

Brian M.



I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for some time now and I must let you know I have greatly benefited from your information and your point of view. But this time you have really out done yourself.

You have forever changed the way I will listen to the National Anthem. I have always held the words and song with reverence when I heard it in the past. But now I will hold the words and the flag of this country that we love in my heart.

Why isn’t this taught to the children of this great nation in it’s schools? Every American needs to know that the flag was held up that night by prayer, faith and American patriots.

God Bless America


Dear Dr. Piazza,

The rendition of the National Anthem you sent today really touched me. I experienced something much the same when the VC tried to over run our fire baseĀ  some 40 years ago.
I was out on the perimiter and held my own through the night, but when morning arrived, I came in to see my friends, buddies I’d joked with just the day before, lying by our makeshift flag pole holding the flag off the ground. All dead, with the pole wedged between their bodies. Keeping it flying meant that much to us.

This Saturday, that rendition will be played in it’s entirety for the kickoff of our Tea Party in Charleston. I’ll have the priviledge of playing the music and supplying the sound system for the event.
Thank you for being a patriot.

I’m working on getting the money together for your handgun course this next spring.

Rich G


Hi Dr. Piazza,

First time writing, I didn’t think it was possible for you to out do yourself, but you hit a home run with this one.

I’m a first family member and just this was worth it. I wept like a child and was happy to do so. Nam eara vet not with standing Patriot Guard Rider, you put a whole new out look on those draped coffins I see far too many of these days.

I’ll be back at Front Sight on September 4 & 5.

Respectfully Yours
Tom L.


Dr. Piazza,

Thank you for Front Sight’s Monday Blog with the rendition of The Stars Spangled Banner. I’ve forwarded it to everyone in my address book lest we forget the ultimate sacrifices made for Freedom and that Freedom is NOT free. We and our children must continue the fight and teach others what freedon is. Again, thank you!

Les S.


Dr. Piazza,

Thank you for that wonderful rendition of the National Anthem.

Thank you.

Allen A.


Dr. Piazza,

Good work!!! The NY Times is no longer accepting comments regarding this “news story”.

The last comment was- if all robbery attempts turned out like this, there would soon be no crime in NYC.

Now there is a happy thought!

Michael J.


Dr. Piazza,

861 Comments and then the NY Times cut off any further comments being made.

I think Front Sight Supporters have made a point.

Now we just need to unite on more related issues.



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Ignatius Piazza
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