Front Sight Mail Bag: Unlearning an Anti-Firearms Indoctrination

September 9th, 2009  

Dear Dr. Piazza,

Thank you so much for your great and informative emails!  I am looking forward to attending your training classes, and getting my friends to come as well.  I especially appreciated the recent email about dry practice  —  my main accuracy problem certainly stems from a recoil-anticipating “poke,” and now I know how to start to eliminate it.  And your follow-up email was exactly the question I had on my mind: will dry practice hurt my Glock?  Great to know the answer is “no!”

I have a quick story for you.  There is a family I’ve been close to for years — my children went to school with their children.  Well, about 4 years ago their daughter had just graduated from High School with a list of honors as long as my arm, but like most public school kids she had been indoctrinated against firearms.  I figured she was someone who would be an opinion leader, probably all her life.  So I invited her and her brother to the nearby gun range, where I taught her gun safety and how to shoot.  The first time it was a .22 revolver, and two weeks later we returned and it was a .357 revolver and my .40 Glock.  Now, while I’ve not yet been to Front Sight and can see just from your emails and testimonials that I have MUCH to learn, I am an NRA life member and not a bad instructor, considering.  Well, Jill was a wonderful student.  Her first shot with the Glock at 25 feet was a perfect bullseye.  I retired that target, and she proceeded to put the next 9 rounds into a group you could cover with a silver dollar.  Well, Jill is now a firearms enthusiast!  Every time she’s in town from college, she asks to go to the range.  It’s exactly what you’ve said with Front Sight: it’s not enough to practice politics…  we’ve got to convert the opinion leaders!

Next I have to get Jill to Front Sight!  She’s just finishing her residency to become an MD, so as soon as the dust settles, this might be the perfect R&R opportunity.  And she is definitely the type of person who would appreciate being better trained than 99% of military and police.

Keep up the Great work!

Kind Regards,
Dan N.

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Ignatius Piazza
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