‘Debt of Gratitude’ – Responses Pouring In

September 22nd, 2009  

Here are just a few of the many responses to this Monday’s blog post, My Debt of Gratitude, that have been pouring in since that time.


Dr. Piazza,

You are a great American.

George B.


Dr. Piazza,

Bless you for doing this !!!

David W.


Dr. Piazza,

All I can say is WOW!! I am enrolled in my first course, the 2-day handgun course, this weekend and I am very excited.  I know, based on much of what I have read from you these past months, that you are a patriot and have a passion for this country similar to my own and to a great majority of others.

The changes going on in this country right now are scary and not what most people want.  I, too, wish I could have been in DC; the way I hear it was upwards of one million or more in attendance. I made it to Stony’s in Vegas and there were several hundred there. The tide is rising and if we all continue to speak up, we will be heard.

Thanks for the incredible offer, I hope to grab one of these.

Tony A.


Dr. Piazza,

I was there !  This went on very smoothly and was inspiring.  Now we have to be grass roots and not astroturf. Hope to take one of your classes in the coming year.

A Tea Partier
Harold D.


Yes, Dr. Piazza.  And if it weren’t for emails like yours along with a few honest news services, we never would have known it.  It’s gonna take some tar and feathers, I’m afraid.

Glen P.


Dr. Piazza,

I was moved by the pictures and the people that showed up at the 9/12 tea party. Sorry I missed it, I am glad to know that there are still some true blue Americans left. I guess there are more people out there than I thought that there were. I can see what is happening to our country. Thank you for sending this to me. And I will see that all my friends receive these pictures.

Again, I look forward to coming home and visiting your facility.

Tim F.


Dr. Piazza,

Great story.

Great offer.

I have pushed it widely.

Bob M.


Thank you all very much for your overwhelmingly positive response.

Please feel free to get the word out about this offer to anyone you may know who took part in the September 12th, 2009 march on Washington. More about the unprecedented offer here.

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Ignatius Piazza
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