Regarding 9-12 Tea Party in DC – Letters Continue Pouring In

September 23rd, 2009  

Dr. Piazza:

You are Truly a Patriot!

This is a great offer.  Although I was in Washington DC on 9/12, due to my work commitments I was unable to personally attend, but I was there in spirit.

I just wanted to personally thank you for your 9/12 offer to all those Great Americans who participated in DC on 9/12 and druing the many other Tea Parties across this great nation.

I am currently enrolled in the 4 Day Defensive Handgun class that begins on 10/17, and can hardly with until the day arrives.

Charles W.


Dr. Piazza,

Regarding your request for stories on the protest, well here is what my take was.

What people don’t realize is that Penn Ave is 6 lanes of car traffic in which it was elbow to elbow, curb to curb people. I walked 3 blocks from Freedom Plaza and a man was videotaping us coming toward him, I asked him how long he was there he stated 30 mins at least. So at this point there were 30 mins of people ahead of me he said a lot more as he was back in the crowd.

We continued to the reflection pool and turned on that street and was stood on the corner of the street in front of the Capital. Note I was with fellow Veterans from periods of ‘Nam, Iraq, etc. We stood there for 2 1/2 hrs and I watch Penn Ave throughout that time and it was still packed with people coming down the street to the Capital. This was amazing to say the least.

Finally, I decided to walk around and to the front of the Capital to which I finally made it and as I looked to the stage on my left it was amazing to see that many people in such a small area. I turned to my right and there was the great site I have ever seen, A OLDER GENTLEMAN STANDING PROUDLY IN HIS WORLD WAR II UNIFORM to which I had the greatest pleasure to walk over shake this mans hand and give him a hug. As I walked away my knees about buckled and I almost totally broke down and cried right there.

I got myself together and walked proudly away for this man’s sake but my thoughts as I did were how this MAN AND HIS GENERATION DID SO MUCH FOR THIS NATION TO KEEP US FREE FROM WHAT IS HAPPENING TO SEE THIS MAN STANDING THERE IN HIS UNIFORM to protest a government that this man and his generation did and gave so much in as to protect and defend it broke my heart that this man would have to be doing this in his lifetime.

I do have pictures which I would gladly send the discs to you if you wish to have more pictures. I am sad to say I didn’t have the presence of mind to take this man’s photo to which I kick myself every time I tell this story and I tell this daily. I could go on and on but you get the idea of what happened this day for me at least to have had one of my greatest pleasure to meet a truly great American hero, on this day of all days its ment more to me than the rest of the day and what went on.

My family has proudly served this nation from the French and Indian War to me. Who, I’m sad to say, will be the last as to what direction the country is turning.

Bill R.


Dr. Piazza,

I want to say thanks for putting your money where your mouth is again.

You are truly amazing with your work in training true Americans.



Dr. Piazza,

I was there… on 9/12. My entire family could not afford to go, so it was just me. There were three buses of the Freedom First T.E.A. Party from MS, and from what we hear, there were two other buses from the Gulf Coast 9/12 Group. Something that surprised me was the Harley Davison motorcycle group from across the U.S. (MS included) went to the D.C rally as well. Come to think of it, I can’t really see the Harley people supporting Obama’s “Green” movement… One of the motorcycle groups told me that, from their state, there were 300 in his group.

If you’ll notice in the pictures, there’s a guy with a sign that reads “Guns don’t kill, ObamaCare does.” Soooo true. I also collected several photos of veterans, which indeed there were a very wide range of Vets in attendance. One man in a wheelchair was a Vet from WWII, a few from Korea, lots of Vietnam and Desert Storm Vets, and many new recruits. I was in a ship during Vietnam, so I have a special bond with the Vietnam vets. I can’t quote what the soldiers said, but I’ll guarantee you this, none of them are happy with Obama. There is a site called Oath Keepers, go see this place:

At the end of the protest march, when everyone was leaving, the mass of organizers were told by the Capital police, that by their estimate, 2.3 million people were there. (They use a time-lapse camera.)  This was the largest group ever assembled. They also said that we were the most polite and respectful of Capital property and security guards. We were also the absolute – bar none – cleanest group. There was no garbage. They also told us that we were the nicest group ever, and were welcome to come back next weekend! I have never experienced anything like this. It was like being at the fairgrounds, on the midway, during the first night… minus the popcorn, the cotton candy, and the wild rides. But believe me, we didn’t need any wild rides. It was HOURS before I realized how tired I was. I was like being at home, with old friends, in another state. I’ve never protested anything, this was my first protest. …and if this two-bit, lying, no account, liberal jackass, continues to try and kill our United States, the feeling is… we WILL be back. There was a sign that said something to the effect of “We came in peace, with no guns (this time).”  I know this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the 2nd amendment.

The capacity for the free people of this nation to own and operate any weaponry ever created with no exceptions is a constitutional right. This also includes ammunition and associated components. For them to strip us of our weaponry, gives them free reign to execute, confine, and dominate the populations. With the Oath Keepers still under their oath, allows We the People to be in charge of a large army. The federal government is to be submissive to We the People, not the way it is now. It’s like the federal government is about a three foot midget trying to dominate 50 giants (or 57 giants, in Obama’s case – the man’s a total fool) not the way it is now. For us to come in peace to D.C., and desire to unveil our redress of grievances with the federal government, I feel, is very polite indeed. Hope you enjoy these photos, most of them were taken en route to the Capitol, and these are people just in the street.

Thanks and God Bless,
Nolan M.


Dr. Piazza,
I was there, and this is an email I shared with my friends.  I honestly believe that you are a patriot, and even though I cannot afford to even join this very generous offer, I believe that you are doing what you can do to see that Americans are trained to defend themselves and their families.

Here is what I wrote:

Hey, I went to the DC March yesterday.  You will not believe how the press has changed the numbers DOWN. They’re saying “thousands” of protesters…, and I can tell you that is an enormous underestimation.  I couldn’t tell you how many people the TV didn’t show in the pictures. The original site – the huge lawn – on the west wing of the Capital Building was packed to the brim.  The people spilled over into the sidewalk and into the street and into all the side streets on the west side of the Capital as far as you could see.  I was on the capital grounds, and I could see them all.  Then the crowd was packed into Pennsylvania Avenue as far as I could see and down the Mall all the way to the Washington Monument.  I swear it was more than MLK’s speech or the million man march.  At the end of the day, one of the last speakers said that there were still people piling out of the Metro stations and busses still unloading WAY away from the Capital…they couldn’t even get anywhere near the Capital Building.  It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed.  The crowd was polite and helpful (one man gave his little chair to my mother, and we gave him and his group oatmeal cookies and apple slices and baby carrots).  When we left after the speakers, there was only one paper cup on the whole capital lawn.  There were three guys standing near it, and I went back to get it, and when I picked it up and asked if it belonged to them, one of them thanked me for picking it up and said it was his. There was absolutely NO cleanup to be done.  (see cleanup description after the inauguration!!) We were told by a camera crew that the National Park Service had estimated the crowd at 2.1 MILLION people. We heard people guessing between one and three million. I was there, I saw it, and I believe that number.

Yours truly,



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Ignatius Piazza
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