Flashlight and Gun Combo

Dr. Piazza, My roommate commented on how COMPLETELY differently I have handled my handguns since I returned from Front Sight… I am sooo glad not just for the accuracy training and dry fire training, but the flashlight is ALWAYS with the gun at night, always. Now I know how to use them together as never […]

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Encouraging Gun Training

Dr. Piazza, Thank you for the tip about blacking out the white dot. I have recently purchased a handgun after many years and am really enjoying my shooting time at the range. Your Reports, videos, offers and newsletters are very encouraging and exciting to see what is in store for me when I attend your […]

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Gun Training Reports Making A Difference

Dear Dr. Ignatius Piazza, I signed up for your newsletter a few months ago.  Even though I haven’t yet been able to take one of your courses, I have still learned from what you have shared.  So, please know that even those of us who are quiet and not active participants in your courses are […]

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Rifle Course Attendee Reports on Training

Dr. Piazza, I’d like to mention that I attended the Practical Rifle course some time ago and the training I received was top notch. I’ve been to various schools and none have trumped Front Sight’s instruction. Keep up the good work!! Robert M.

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Very Best Combat Training in the World

Hi Ignatius, Just judging by everything I’ve read about Front Sight especially the combat mindset  & color stages of readiness, I am truly impressed & convinced that you have developed the very best gun training & combat school in the world!! The next thing that you are to be commended for is your dedication, time […]

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Thanks for Defense of Liberties

Dear Dr. Piazza, I must thank you for the the service which you do for this country and every one of its citizens. Whether they know it or not, it is the folks that are of the stuff of your kind that keep them as free as they are. It’s not the Army or any […]

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Response from Woman Featured in ‘The Great Equalizer’

Hi Dr. Piazza, It was my husband who sent you the story you used in your Monday blog. That was me. Yes I was scared to death. I got up there in the line of 40 people and the tears started running down my face uncontrollably.  I don’t like violence and I was afraid there […]

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Responses from YOU to ‘The Great Equalizer’

Regarding ‘The Great Equalizer‘ Monday blog post, in which Ignatius Piazza analyzed why the handgun is still “the great equalizer” – an important tool for a woman to own for personal defense. —————– Dr. Piazza, I forwarded your blog to my wife and she really enjoyed it.  Thanks!  We have been working on proper training […]

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Ignatius Piazza: The Great Equalizer…

“No matter what his strength or size, depend on me… I equalize.” Inscription often engraved on pistols given to a woman in an earlier era of American history. Last week I shared an e-mail with you from a student who brought his wife with him to a Front Sight course. Prior to the course his […]

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Gun Training Reports are Well Thought Out, Improve Shooting … and They’re Free

Dear Dr. Piazza, I am enjoying your Gun Training Reports very much.  I find them to be very well thought out and very thought-provoking. I work offshore where guns are not allowed so my practice time is limited and valuable. Yesterday was my first trip back to the pistol range after a week of practicing […]

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