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October 3rd, 2009  

In response to this post, Dr. Piazza received the following letter…

Dr. Piazza,

Here is the letter I sent to the radio network who represents Rush, Glenn and Sean:

I received a message from the founder of Front Sight informing me that Premier Radio Network would not run his add[sic] for the Millionaire Patriot program because it had the word “gun” in it.  Visiting Premier’s web site, I found no link to send a message to anyone, so I opted for their parent company, and found a link to you.  While I have no idea how you feel about handguns or what your corporate policy on handguns is, I need to tell you that as an organization and instructional facility, Front Sight is one that has “done it right”!  I have been to several courses at Front Sight as well as numerous other courses at other “big name” facilities, and Front Sight has the best that I’ve been to so far.  In addition, as an NRA certified instructor for all handgun disciplines, I can assure you that their training is definitely top notch.  Several times I have been there taking a training class, and have had an opportunity to talk to people that had NEVER handled a firearm before attending the course, and had found all their conceptions about firearms and those that own them to be completely in error.  THAT is the main purpose of Front Sight; to educate and promote safe handgun ownership to any and all that attend, weather seasoned veteran or “newbie”.

While I may not be a person of large influence, I do have some influence among those that I work and associate with, and I will urge all of them to contact either you or someone you can designate as a point of contact for me to get this policy changed, and allow Dr. Piazza’s ads to run as intended.  What he offers is a greater service to this country than you may be able to imagine.  I would encourage you to investigate Front Sight to see what they are all about, and perhaps have your eyes opened.


Eric P.


Dear Ignatius,

That is absolutely non-American.  I lived in New Jersey and went into New York City a lot.  The biggest murder crimes at that time involved knives.  So, on a sarcastic note, maybe we should not be allowed to say the word ‘knife’.  Perhaps we should go further and not say ‘club’ or ‘hatchet’, etc.,  I personally believe in the right to bear arms and I know that right was given in order to resist an oppressive government.  Removing guns or weapons from the people was one of the first things Hitler accomplished so he could have control.  People will invent ways to protect themselves or loved ones if they don’t have a weapon at hand.  This has been proven through history. Even David killed Goliath with a stone.  It’s too bad that more people don’t understand the significance of this right.  I know a man from England who told me that guns are not allowed there so if someone wants to kill another person they will even resort to bashing them with a brick.  It’s the criminal who will always possess weapons because they aren’t going to adhere to the laws any way.  Unfortunately people like those on Premiere Radio Network have been convinced that guns are a crime problem because of all the negative propaganda or maybe they are already no longer allowed to. There are hundreds of ways to commit murder if that is your intent.  It isn’t the guns but rather the criminal behind the gun.  You once wrote an article on India being invaded and what happened to the people because they didn’t have an effective means of protection.  I passed that article on.  That is the sole purpose of the right to bear arms, and people in government that want to alter or remove that right are government officials that want the people vulnerable.  The people should not fear their government or be made vulnerable to it.

These are a few of my thoughts on the subject.  Keep up your good work.

Lorraine W.


Dr. Piazza,

My son and I just completed the Millionaire Patriots Program – free gun and CCW training.

Wonderful program allowing bonding with my son and the other 500 Patriots who participated. I emailed Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck… why not invite them to Front Sight? I hope their excuse for not allowing the “Free Gun” advertising is because they were not aware of management’s decision to not allow it. If they, individually, agree with management, then, I, too, am truly PISSED.

Regards, “a satisfied Front Sight graduate”,
Brent S.


Hey Ignatius,

Hope you are well.

I just read your blog about the ad not allowing you to use the word ‘gun’. I really do not know who would be responsible for this decision but it is true hypocrisy. I am also outraged by this. ‘They’ say they represent my views. (Only if it is to their advantage…so it seems.)

I will email them and the Premiere Radio Network about this poor decision. I expected much more from the conservative base media.

I live in California where I was born and will continue to live here. One day I hope the gun laws will reflect what many Californians feel. We are not all living the ‘Hollywood illusion’.

I am a retired college/high school teacher who was in the Vietnam war… (CIB, Purple Heart, Airborne (101st Abn. Tiger Force 1/327)… I have many friends who are on both sides of the political spectrum. We have great talks. But none of them think I am wrong owning a weapon. I am just a normal guy. Several of my friends want me to take them to the gun range which they would never do on their own.

Thanks for letting me see this blog. By the way, the radio ad was pretty good.

Take care,
Michael A.


Thanks, all. We appreciate your support.  Again, please read this to see why the word “Gun” isn’t okay, (but “Gift” is) to the folks at Premier Radio Network…

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Ignatius Piazza
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