Responses from YOU to ‘The Great Equalizer’

October 27th, 2009  

Regarding ‘The Great Equalizer‘ Monday blog post, in which Ignatius Piazza analyzed why the handgun is still “the great equalizer” – an important tool for a woman to own for personal defense.


Dr. Piazza,

I forwarded your blog to my wife and she really enjoyed it.  Thanks!  We have been working on proper training to use a handgun ever since I took the 4 day handgun course.

Thanks for the great training!
Kes A.


Hello, Mr. Piazza

My wife works as an unarmed security guard, which can be a dangerous occupation in my opinion. I convinced her to put a .9mm pistol in layaway. She isn’t convinced that a pistol is a good thing because she doesn’t know how to use one. I think after she watches these videos she’ll change her mind.

Thanks for the information.

Kevin R



Thanks!  This is exactly what I have needed.

My wife is supportive of my “gun habit” and is a bit disliking of it when I carry around the house and openly on our property.  I shoot regularly in I.D.P.A. matches, finding myself surrounded with many great, fast accurate shooters, so I feel very confident in my abilities.  But I have been looking for a way to get my wife involved.

I hope these videos will help “inspire” her to take more heed to defending herself and our daughters’ lives. One good thing is she is not afraid of taking a life to save her own, which is step one.

My goal is for her to regularly use every gun in the house.  Starting with a Glock 23, AR15 and shotgun, with emphasis on the biggest bore she can handle accurately.

When reading the gun training report about Mental Preparedness, my wife is defiantly in ‘Condition White’.  Me, Yellow/Orange  (I was in Red last week).  I believe something can go wrong anywhere, I should have the tool to deal with it in any situation.  Why?  It is my job to keep my family safe.

Thanks and I hope to come partake one day,
Mark S.



We have no problem with women being afraid of guns in our area. In fact, most of our women’s group of shooters are the shooter in the family. Their husbands don’t care or ???

My birthday was yesterday, so I received my first shotgun (Remington) from my husband as I have a shotgun class coming up. Feels totally foreign, not as comfortable as my Glock 19 or 38.   Guess I’ll have to get used to it, though as we ARE opening up the firing range in December The Academy (Palm Desert California).  28 indoor lanes.  Gun sales, uniforms and clothing and related services.

Enjoy most of your newsletters.

Suzan E.


Dear Ignatius,

I am in complete accord with your position, and glad you enlighten others by presenting the situations here, so perhaps many more may be spared loss of life and limb unnecessarily.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this newsletter.  I hope this will convince the woman in my life, now a Black Belt, who can defend herself well in situations up to, but not those including the need for firepower.  Anyway, I am forwarding this to two women in particular, who I am convinced really need to get this message, get trained and armed ASAP.  Notice I said trained, because without the training, so much can go wrong, and I won’t bore you with what you already know as an expert.  To me, a weapon is only as good as the person behind it.

In situations where a fraction of a second, or making a mistake can be fatal, there is every reason to give oneself the best possible chance for survival, and to protect those close to us who depend on us to stay alive, and to participate in this great opportunity called life.

Thanks always for what you do to make this a safer world,

Richard H.


Thanks Ignatius,

This was the BEST YET, Great!

Just what I needed to show my wife so I can continue training at Front Sight.

Thanks again,


Dr. Piazza,

Powerful videos.  Thank you so much for sharing; I’d never considered those situations.

I’ve been afraid of guns all of my life……a lot of it is the horrendous noise but the finality of using a gun is a huge consideration and responsibility.  I am determined to get over that.

The state of this country and our freedoms being stripped away daily are the things that prompted me to finally get a pistol.  Now that I have one, I want to get my CCW permit, learn how to use the gun properly and get comfortable with it.

If I go down, I will at least go down with a fight.



Dr. Piazza,

I’m one of those women who was so afraid of guns that I was sweaty and wanted to vomit just at the thought of handling a gun.  I was opposed to them on moral issues as well.

After I was widowed I attended a Front Sight class with my family and a friend who were wonderfully encouraging.

BUT, without the gentle yet firm training skills of your staff – including a one on one for an afternoon when I was about to lose it – I wouldn’t have made it through the class.  It was the daily classes, lectures, videos that really turned my thinking to being a gun toting grandma with CCW permit.

After several years of dry fire practice, range practice and much influence of others who see the value of 2nd amendment rights I am finally confident in my decision to be trained and carry a gun.

You are doing a great job.

Ginny B.


Dr. Piazza,

What you’re doing here is just absolutely fantastic!!! For once I’m just totally at a loss for words. I just don’t know what else to say except keep up the good work.

Ron S.

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Ignatius Piazza
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