Not Going to Sit Idly By…

Dr. Piazza, Your Monday blog post and video of that despicable coward in California who sat idly by while a tenant of his was being raped and murdered sickened and enraged me! To me, that dusty old has-been/hippie coward is the face of today’s gun control in California. He didn’t even break the damn glass […]

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Making Good on a Promise

Dr. Piazza, I could not agree more with your perspective and reaction to the brutal murder by stabbing of the young pregnant woman in Venice, CA. I also agree with your response being that there would have been one less felon in the California system to be monitored and coddled for years if I had […]

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When is it Right to Use Deadly Force? Explained in Free Gun Training Reports

Dr. Piazza, I just wanted to say thanks for this last newsletter.  The information on the importance of deciding beforehand how to make the decision to use deadly force was outstanding. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I’m an active duty Marine Corps officer with two combat tours under my belt.  I’m also […]

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Astonishing Pathetic Intolerable

Astonishing, pathetic, intolerable. I have forwarded this message to everyone in my contact list as I frequently do with your posts. Thank you for your dedication to virtue, positive values, ethics and for doing something about the desperate lack of courage and conviction in this politically correct world of spiritually castrated males; I wont call […]

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Neighbor was a Gutless Wonder

Dr. Piazza: I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything that you and Front Sight are doing to educate and train this great country of ours. I just wish that gutless wonder in California would have attended one of your courses. I am a retired Air Force Security Policeman, I have […]

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Ignatius Piazza: Rape and Murder is No Accident

Last week I shared a news story with you about a woman pregnant with twins, who was raped and murdered while a Cowardly Lion did nothing but run back to his apartment to call 911. Click Here to see last week’s post. That news story was one of the best examples of why EVERY WOMAN […]

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Full Sight Picture Training: Response to Free Gun Training Reports…

Excellent information, Doc Piazza. No one has ever been able to answer my question of what part of the front sight needs to be where? Thanks!! Larry Excellent information, Doc Piazza. No one has ever been able to answer my question of what part of the front sight needs to be where? Thanks!! Larry —– […]

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Kicking Himself for Missing Offer for Marchers

Hello Dr. Piazza, I’m still kicking myself for not contacting you earlier. I missed out on the offer you had for the 9/11 marches. I was at Front Sight taking my first ever course and forgot to check my email. I work armed security in CA and have been raving to all my coworkers about […]

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Front Sight Legacy – Free DVD response

Hello Dr. Piazza, WOW! Front Sight Legacy… What a GREAT documentary!!!!! Three different times your DVD brought tears to my eyes because of your patriotism, and while I cannot educate as many people as you can, I will do my part in educating as many as I can. I am going to sell my ’66 […]

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Too Many Gun Owners Without Adequate Training

Dr. Piazza, I wanted to congratulate you on your training manuals.  I agree with you that many gun owners really do not have the adequate training that is essential to defend themselves in the event of an emergency.  I have always believed that competence can help you to avoid conflict in the first place, as […]

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