Not Going to Sit Idly By…

December 31st, 2009  

Dr. Piazza,

Your Monday blog post and video of that despicable coward in California who sat idly by while a tenant of his was being raped and murdered sickened and enraged me! To me, that dusty old has-been/hippie coward is the face of today’s gun control in California. He didn’t even break the damn glass in the window! Wow! What a man!

I have 2 wonderful daughters in their 20’s now. I introduced both daughters to shooting at an early age. Both are competent with shotgun, AR and handgun. One daughter is quite fond of my Sig 2022, .40 SW, and the other is very proficient with her Ruger GP100 in .357 mag. I hand-load Hornady hollow points for both pistols. I have a CCW non resident permit from FL. One daughter lives in VA and the other in DE.  (I live in MD) We train regularly. Both have their handguns with extra mags or speed loaders readily accessible in their apartments. Neither has a CCW permit at the moment. If some scumbag broke in to their homes while they were there, he’ll take two to the torso, without question or hesitation!

That all said, the reason I share the above with you is that I bought 5 of Front Sights 2 day certificates to give as gifts. I gave away 2 this Christmas; One each to my older daughter and her fiance who plan to use them for 2 day defensive handgun training sometime this year. (Competent as my daughters are, they can always use better and more training than I can provide!) I’m paying for air fare, hotel, car and weapons rental and ammo. I personally cannot think of a better Christmas gift, ever! I hope to use one myself and give one to daughter number 2 for use later this year. (That leaves one for someone else! I’m thinking of giving it to a service member or veteran, especially if they are local to Front Sight!)

I vowed long ago to do all I can to make sure my daughters don’t end up like that poor woman in California. I just wish someone had done the same for her.

Kind regards and all the best to you and Front Sight in 2010!
Steven J.

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Ignatius Piazza
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