Some responses to ‘This Will Enrage You’

January 13th, 2010  

Yesterday’s post, about the current US administration backing the UN’s treaty against small arms, made for some interesting responses. Here are just some of the many…


Dr. Piazza,

Thank you for keeping us informed about our other terrorist threat… the UN.

The hair on the back of my neck bristled after seeing the video on what the UN is doing.

Knowing the type of president and congress we currently have, I couldn’t agree with you more about needing to be trained and ready to defend our constitutional rights, and even our very freedom, from the growing tyranny that has nearly taken over our government, and already dominates the world.

Your handgun training manual which I purchased a few months ago, along with a lot of dry fire practice has enabled me to greatly improve my skill at arms.  My fellow Texans and I are heeding your words.  We hope for the best, but are preparing for the worst.

I look forward to each of your newsletters. Thank you for staying on top of the situation and keeping us informed.

James G.


Dr. Piazza,

Thank you for  Monday’s message.  I’ve taken many classes at Front Sight and I am scheduled to take more in Feb and March as a Diamond member.  I talk Front Sight to all my friends and have four who have joined our family.  I say this only to show my support and agreement with your message.  Please continue to do what you do best.  Educate the American people,in safe use of fire arms so they can defend themselves and others because I do believe we will have to defend our Constitution soon.

John B.



Thank you for your willingness to bring this information to us.
This is treachery, and I thank you for your proactive work.   I know I have begun my training, at the best place on earth, and am encouraging many others to do so.  Your 4 day Defensive Handgun class  was like drinking from a fire hose.  The information was superb, and the way it was presented was on the money.  I will continue to encourage those around me to view these actions of the Governments around us as suspect.
Again, thank you for our efforts.

Scott M.


Dear Ignatius,

“Or will you go silently into the night as gun owners in not-so-Great Britain, Australia, and Canada have done–surrendering their God given rights of self defense to an increasingly more intrusive, manipulative, and controlling world government?”

Take it from me as a Brit in this open prison of a country, you got THAT right!

More power to your elbow as they say,



Dr. Piazza,

Just read your Monday night newsletter, and was totally impressed with your…

“My question to you is, ARE YOU UP TO THAT TASK?”

Don’t see anyone else out there asking that Question, and it seems to me that it’s getting pretty close to the time for asking!!

Chester B.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza,

Thank you for seeing into our future and letting folks know what is coming so they may be warned.

The situation we face is serious and possibly dangerous to all freedom loving people.

The animals have taken over the farm in D.C and they want to subjugate the rest of the peaceful folks of this country as well.

Glad that you have dedicated yourself to a mission of sharing your skills, knowledge, and experience with so many others.

May God be with you in your efforts.

Walt W.

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Ignatius Piazza
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