Ohio Judge: Another Look at the Future?

May 24th, 2010  

Last week I shared a video with you that shows exactly what the future holds for us if we ever allow ourselves, as a society, to be disarmed…

It was not easy to watch an elderly man pulled from his car and beaten unconscious by a group of hooligans, but it demonstrated THE REALITY of what happens when good people are stripped of their ability to protect themselves against bad people.

This week I have another look at the future we can expect as communities across the country find out what happens when their elected leaders run out of other people’s money.

Watch this video and then forward this blog around the Internet because this situation is happening all over the country, but most law enforcement administrators are not as candid about the dire consequences as this Ohio Sheriff…

(After watching the video and forwarding my blog to everyone you know, look below for my solution for a better society… an ARMED and TRAINED society of safe and responsible Americans! I’m putting my money behind my vision for America, so please help me by spreading the message far and wide and taking advantage of all that I offer you.)

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See you next week.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
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Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
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