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July 22nd, 2010  

Dr. Piazza

I have been enjoying your gun training reports and blogs.

Thanks for the advice.  I get the impression that you want people to know these things whether or not they come to Front Sight.   I would love to come out West for some training some time in the future, maybe next year — it is not in the cards for right now.

I enjoyed the book on practice at home.  Well worth the price.

I have just applied for a New York state pistol license.  I am a former Army MP, ’78-81. I agree that many, if not most LE and military folks (that I knew)  were under trained.  We were woefully unprepared  to use the 1911s we carried and almost never went to the range except to “qualify”.   We did dry practice, but in a way that would make you cringe!   My belated apologies to the three basic rules!   We also carried 12 gauge shotguns on duty, with little training.  We were better trained in club techniques, holds and hand to hand methods.

I am a public defender now.  I have seen some crazy s*&% in the last 20 years! Some recent cases have cemented my decision to own a gun, and possibly carry.  While most of my clients are folks who need direction, rehab, psychiatric help,  I have met and come to know some very scary, very dangerous people.

I am most concerned by what seems to be an upsurge (worldwide) of last act shooting sprees.   I have  seen a lot of people who feel they have nothing to live for.  Where in the past people in this condition would often commit suicide, these days, guys want to take people with them.  I do not plan to go!

The decision to arm oneself  is “heavy”.   I am a fairly liberal, “live and let live” type and I have for most of my life felt that carrying a weapon was extreme (except maybe out west, in grizzly country).   I have not really made up my mind about carrying.  Your e-mails have helped.   Thanks again.

I wish you continued success, Dr. Piazza.  You have definitely heard and answered your calling.

John C.

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Ignatius Piazza
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